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Most people know Zachary Levi from NBC’s Chuck, but he has been acting since 2001.

His first major role was in the supporting cast in the show Less Than Perfect, starring Sara Rue. Zac’s character, Kipp Steadman, was a smarmy, scheming fellow that you weren’t supposed to like, but how could you not?

In 2007, Zac joined his BFF Joel David Moore in the psychological thriller Spiral as Moore’s best friend. Life imitating art? It’s a lesser known, but still amazing, flick and I highly recommend watching it.

2007 was also the year that Zac landed the lead in Chuck. I’m afraid I missed most of the show, only getting into it in the last two seasons, but it’s so good! It has everything: action, romance, drama, comedy. It ended its 5-season run in 2012 and left a huge hole in my heart and my Friday nights.

Zac has done a few other movie roles, the most-loved by this fan being Tangled and Thor: The Dark World.

Levi returned to television in 2015 in Heroes Reborn as a *SPOILER*  villain-turned-hero. He also had a couple of guest-episodes on Telenovela.

In addition to being an actor, Zac is also a philanthropist. He spends a lot of his time helping out with Operation Smile, an organization that helps children born with a cleft lip or palate. He created Nerd HQ as a fundraiser for Operation Smile; it’s held every year the same week as San Diego Comic Con.

You can follow Zac on Twitter at @ZacharyLevi and (if so inclined) donate to Operation Smile here.

And yes, I got to meet this wonderful human being in 2014!

Meeting Zac Levi

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