Janie’s Fund- Steven Tyler’s Project to Help Neglected and Abused Girls

In 1989 Aerosmith introduced their hugely successful track, “Janie’s Got a Gun”. Soon after the release of the song, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler began receiving an outpouring of letters from fans telling him their stories of abuse and neglect. Their letters professed how much “Janie’s Got A Gun” both affected and inspired them. Tyler read these messages and always wanted to help, but never knew how.

Now, 26 years after “Janie’s Got a Gun” release, Tyler is finally able to honor the story of “Janie” by starting a program to support abused and neglected girls. Tyler recently shared, “The one thing that bothered me the most [about ‘Janie’s Got a Gun’] was that somehow, people who had watched the video saw that the father was abusing the daughter and mom was looking on and nothing was ever said, so with hopes I could do something about that – until I met Youth Villages, I didn’t think I could.”

Janie’s Fund aims to raise the money and awareness needed to make a real difference in the lives of girls who have endured the horrors of neglect and abuse. Janie’s Fund is a partnership administered by one of the country’s most effective nonprofit organizations, Youth Villages, which provides proven ways to address the trauma of sexual abuse in children.  These crucial programs give hope and make a lasting difference in these girls’ lives.

Founded in 1986, Youth Villages is a national accredited nonprofit dedicated to providing the most effective local solutions to help children with emotional and behavioral challenges and their families live successfully. According to their reports, the organization helps more than 23,000 children and families each year from more than 20 states and Washington, D.C. Youth Villages’ Evidentiary Family Restoration.

Being the rockstar that he is, Tyler is also making sure donor’s are given the chance to have their own rockstar experience. By making a donation of just $5, you will be entered to win “The Ultimate VIP Rock Experience” which includes walking with Steven Tyler down the red carpet of his first solo album release party and the chance to hang backstage. If you are able to donate more, with each amount you give the prizes range from a thank you card, phone call, or even a private dinner with Tyler. You can also donate in another person’s name if you want to gift a sweepstakes entry or any of the other prizes to someone on your Christmas list. You can find more information here.

Although the abuse can never be undone, Janie’s Fund will provide these girls with much-needed help, show them they are loved and help them to keep fighting towards a life free from the devastating  abuse and neglect they have endured.


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