iZombie Fandom Speaks: Which Holiday Break-Up is More Devastating?

In last night’s episode of iZombie, there were two significant break-ups right at the end: LivJor/LilyMoore (Liv & Major) and Piggy & The Brain (Liv & Clive). One a relationship, one a partnership. The question is, which separation is more devastating to the fandom?

The answer is simple. With the way that Liv and Major were fighting, the way that Major responded to Liv’s concerns, most of the fandom is in agreement that the LivJor split is a good thing for now. At some point they may work things out and get back together, but for right now, they’re better off apart.

Piggy & The Brain, however, (I love that ship name, by the way) is being thoroughly mourned by all. What is our fair-haired heroine going to do with her visions if she can no longer help solve crimes?

Of course, the other question is…after this week’s episode, how can Clive possibly NOT have some *ahem* SUPER suspicions about Liv’s POWERS?  Will he ever find out her zombie secret at this point? How long will it be before the daring duo make up and start working together again?

Our best guess is that we’ll find out when the series returns on Tuesday, January 12th.

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