Gilmore Girls ‘ship watch: Season 4

After I watched the penultimate episode of season 4, “Last Week Fights, This Week Tights,” I had two thoughts:

  1. Rory’s finishing her freshman year of college. I wonder when she’s going to lose her virginity.
  2. If Dean had just been smarter and not married Lindsay, he and Rory would probably be getting back together.

So, you can see how the finale might have sent me into a bit of a tailspin. Not only did my question get answered and my theory get validated, but Rory slept with Dean. Rory slept with Dean.  The circumstances are wrong, to say the least, and it was a terrible idea all around, but I can’t help but be a little giddy about it, because at the end of the day, I love Dean.

Despite that love, though, I’m also seriously angry with him. Dean didn’t just do something awful to Lindsay, he did something awful to Rory. He clearly lied about where he is in the process of ending his marriage, fighting Rory’s protestations with half-truths, at best. A part of Rory likely knew he wasn’t being completely forthcoming, but Rory wanted to sleep with Dean and she wanted to believe the things he was saying. Her relationship with Jess has left her insecure and desperate for the feeling she had with Dean where she always knew she could trust the love that was there. That relationship is gone, though, and it can’t be recaptured. Still, I’m glad Rory had her first sexual encounter with someone she truly feels comfortable with, despite all the negative consequences that may arise.

Also – and I’m sure to make a few enemies with this train of thought – Dean’s marriage is a joke. He never should have married Lindsay. Their chances for success were barely existent from the start. So, even though Lindsay will likely get hurt, and I typically do believe in marriage and the value of fidelity, anything that forces Lindsay and Dean to call out the charade and pushes them toward divorce is worth it in my book. They both deserve a do-over.

It’s exciting that next season is the introduction of Matt Czuchry. Not only because I adore Matt Czuchry, but because it is so clearly time for some new romantic interests for Rory. I’m somewhat bummed that none of the Yale guys that Rory interacted with this season went anywhere. That kid she asked out in the laundry room and then confronted because she thought he was spreading rumors about her? How did that not turn into something? I was rooting for that guy.

And then there’s Jess. (Side note: was this the season of the barber strike? Whaaaat was with Jess’s hair when he came back at the end of the season? And Dean’s is out of control, too. Anyway…) I take most of what happens on this show with a grain of salt, but man was that self-help-book-as-impetus-for-Luke-and-Jess-growth lame lame lame.

Jess is one of the most frustrating characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. He seriously nails the sexy brooding thing. His love for Rory is real and beautiful and watching his tough guy facade melt away because of her is the best. But, he can’t get the chip off his shoulder. He can’t stop judging everything as beneath him, coming off as an uber asshole even when he’s trying to be romantic. What exactly did he want Rory to do? Leave Yale and come squat with him on a mattress in NYC? Jess needs to get his shit together so he actually has something to offer Rory, rather than just expecting her to come running because he thinks he’s better than everything (and everyone) else in her life.

So, that’s where we’re at. It’s hard to nail down exactly what team I’m on because at this very moment, none of the guys in Rory’s life are right for her. So, bring on Logan and let’s see where I am at the end of season 5! See you soon.

Lorelai Bonus:

Ok…the kiss was good. I’m not totally sold on Luke and Lorelai yet, but I may be getting there.

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