Galavant: A Sneak Peak

I recently had the opportunity to screen the first four episodes of ABC’s musical extravaganza, Galavant. Here are my not-so-spoilery thoughts:

The characters: all of our favorites are back! Galavant and his new bff King Richard are on their own quests, yet somehow they intertwine. Madalena is still being Mean Queen Supreme and Sid is still hoping for his solo number.

Guest stars: John Stamos is back! We also get to see Matt Lucas, who is no stranger to historical comedy.

The songs: So. Many. Musical. Numbers! I feel like there are more per episode than the first season, and I’m definitely not complaining. We even get a new opening number in the first episode.

More episodes! Season 2 gives us 10 episodes instead of 8; two a week for five weeks. Basically, we get an hour of Galavant every week in the month of January.



Galavant starts back up January 3rd at 8/7c on ABC.

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