Exclusive Interview with Girl Meets World’s Auggie Maturo

Photo Credit: Suzette Troche-Stapp
Photo Credit: Suzette Troche-Stapp

Talk Nerdy With Us had the awesome opportunity to talk to Auggie Maturo. While best known for playing Auggie Matthews on Disney Channel’s hit series Girl Meets World, he is making his professional theater debut this holiday season. You can see him portray Michael in Panto at the Playhouse’s musical “Peter Pan and Tinker Bell- A Pirates Christmas” at The Pasadena Playhouse. Check him out December 9, 2015-January 3, 2016. Keep reading to find out more about both Auggie Matthews and Michael and get to know more about Auggie Maturo himself!

As a child actor, acting is something that must have caught your interest when you were very young. What made you decide you wanted to act?
When I was 3 years old, I told my mom that I want to be on a stage! So she put me in acting. I booked my first big job when I was 4.
You star in “Peter Pan and Tinker Bell- A Pirates Christmas” this holiday season. How is acting in a theater production different from acting on a television series?
In theater, it’s different because you have lots of rehearsals, then you do the play over and over the same each night. On GMW, we only rehearse a few days then shoot it for 2 days, and sometimes the scenes are done out of order. In a play you perform it from beginning to end.
What can you tell us about Michael and his role in this Peter Pan production? 
Michael is the littlest brother, and he wants be a pirate, but after he meets Captain Hook, he might change his mind.
What do you enjoy most about acting for theater?
I love the live audience, and every night it’s a whole new group of people.
What do you think people will like the most when they go see “Peter Pan and Tinker Bell-A Pirates Christmas”? 
They are going to love how they get to yell out to the actors on the stage. They are going to love the jokes, and they are going to LOVE the singing and dancing! The songs are pop songs from the radio, like Taylor Swift and the Bee Gees.
Will practicing and learning to act in theater change the way you prepare for acting as Auggie on Girl Meets World?
I think it will just keep me in good practice for Season 3 of GMW! It starts shooting in January, a few weeks after we finish Peter Pan.
Which of your characters do you think is more like you- Michael or Auggie?
They are a lot alike because they both are the little brother of the main star. They feel a lot alike. But in real life I’m a big brother.
What has been your favorite story line or episode for Auggie on Girl Meets World? 
I love Girl Meets Brother. 
Anything new or exciting you can tell us about the rest of Girl Meets World season 2? 
Yes, Ava comes back soon in Girl Meets STEM, and she also is in Girl Meets Commonism. She is over the top funny in STEM, and something funny happens to Auggie in Commonism that will remind you of Boy Meets World. 
You are still very early in your career. What are some of your hopes and dreams for your future? Where can we expect to see Auggie Maturo as he grows?
I really want to do voice-over in a cartoon. I also want to do a movie. I really hope one day you see Auggie Maturo on the big screen.
If you can, go see Auggie in “Peter Pan and Tinkerbell- A Pirates Christmas” and be sure to check him out on Girl Meets World on Fridays on Disney Channel!
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