Enjoy Free Comic Book Day 2016 with Image Comics’ Camp Midnight and Oddly Normal

Free Comic Day is Saturday, May 7, 2016 and Image Comics is taking part in the fun by offering Silver and Gold Level Comics, Oddly Normal and Man of Action’s Camp Midnight.

Camp Midnight is a perfect choice for Free Comic Book Day as it is a comic that’s for both kids and adults. Readers will get the first chapter of the 248 page graphic novel by Steven T. Seagle and New Yorker Magazine cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein. Skye is determined that she will not fit in at the camp her “step monster” sends her to.  But as luck would have it, she winds up at the wrong one, Camp Midnight and has more to contend with then just fitting in.

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In Oddly Normal, readers get a touch of the magical land of Fignation through the eyes of Oddly, a little girl with green hair and pointed ears.  She is a half-witch who is worried about fitting in. So, on her tenth birthday, Oddly makes a bad wish. Now, she must journey to the magical realm of Fignation and uncover the truth about why her parents disappeared.  Cartoonist Otis Frampton’s protagonist Oddly takes you to an enchanted magical world, filled with danger and evil.


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