Cosplay Closet Essentials: Hito Productions

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Hito Productions cosplay has been making costumes since her Barbie days, but now she makes costumes for a different kind of Barbie—herself! Hito Productions has cosplayed many iconic characters, including Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, a Halo soldier, and Power Girl. When asked about her cosplays, she has a lot to say.

What got you interested in costuming and cosplay?

My mom taught me the basics of sewing when I was pretty young and I grew up playing dress up and making clothes for my Barbies. So making things had always been there for me. Finding cosplay was basically just taking something I’d been doing my whole life and adding the nerdy things I loved to it.”

What kinds of nerdy things do you like to cosplay?

“I mostly have video game characters, but I have a decent amount of anime and TV shows as well.”

You’ve mentioned sewing; do you also do fabrication, such as props?

“I do! I recently got into using foam to make armor and I’m still finding my balance with other materials. I’ve made a handful of props and you definitely learn a lot about what does/doesn’t work when you start just making things.”

What’s your favorite thing about cosplaying at conventions?

“I love meeting new people. Being in costume brings me out of my shell and it’s obviously a pretty good conversation starter. There’s a ton of really interesting people at cons, and I wouldn’t have met a lot of my friends if I hadn’t started cosplaying.”

If you had unlimited time/budget, what is the one perfect cosplay that you would love to do?

“I’m torn between armor and a giant ball gown, but I think I’m going to say a Space Marine from Warhammer 40k. I’m planning on making due with what resources I have, but it’s a project that I wish I could pour a lot into to make it huge and over the top.”

Those are massive, even for miniatures!

“Right! I love how enormous they are.”

What is your favorite cosplay that you have done so far?

“I don’t have one, actually. I have a handful that I like more than others, but there’s not a clear favorite.”

My favorite is usually my most recent lol I tend to get uber hyper about how much I’ve improved from cosplay to cosplay.

“I do the same thing! I love my Silent Hill stuff, it was my first so I’m emotionally attached to it. And then my most recent stuff is definitely up there in the ranks.”

What has been your most challenging cospay to date?

“My Halo armor took the most time and it was my first time working with EVA foam. My armor has kind of evolved slowly; pieces were gradually added and changed. It’s finally finished, but I already have plans to start a new Spartan and do even better than I did the first time.”

And last, if you had to pick the three most essential items for any cosplayer’s closet or workspace, what would you pick?

“That’s a tough one. I know my dress form has made my life so much easier. I remember when I was still trying to fit things to me while I was wearing them. It’s a nightmare. Hot glue is honestly an extremely good quick fix, and you can use it to make some crazy details with enough patience and a steady hand. And an iron! No one should underestimate ironing.”


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