Cartel Announces Release of All Acoustic Album

Ten years after the release of their breakthrough album, “Chroma”,  Cartel has announced the release of an eleven track acoustic album featuring some of their most popular songs. Leading up to the bands ten-year anniversary of “Chroma” tour in the spring of 2015, Cartel posted several videos featuring acoustic versions of their songs. These tracks will now be included in their new album titled, “Bare Essentials”.

“Bare Essentials” will showcase the bands incredible musical talents coupled with the powerful lyrics and signature pop punk sounds that launched Cartel into the spotlight over ten years ago.

The record will be available for pre-order on iTunes this coming Sunday, December 13th for $7.99 and the record will be available on iTunes Monday, December 21st, for $9.99. The matching acoustic videos for each song which will be available for purchase and download at

Here is the track list for the songs featured on “Bare Essentials” :

  1.  Say Anything (Else)
  2. If I Fail
  3. Faster Ride
  4. Deep South
  5. American Dreams
  6. I Will Hide Myself Away
  7. Only You
  8. Honestly
  9. Run Away
  10. Take Me With You
  11. Minstrel’s Prayer



For those in the Atlanta area, Cartel will be showcasing some of their songs from “Bare Essentials” on December 23rd at Eddie’s Attic.  Tickets are available for purchase at


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