Album Review: The Avett Brothers, Live Vol. 4

If there is one thing better than the Avett Brothers, it is the Avett Brothers live. On December 18th the Avett Brothers released their fourth live album titled, “Live, Vol. 4”. Recorded on New Years Eve in 2014 at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, this album  captures the incredible connection the band has with their fans. The highly anticipated “Live, Vol. 4″ album does not disappoint. The mastering of the album could not have been delivered any better. The band puts on an incredible performance and allows the crowd to become the eighth member of the band.

Not only was this performance recorded on New Years Eve, but also in the bands home state of North Carolina. As a result, you not only get a mixture of their most loved songs such as ” I and Love and You”, but you also get to hear the New Years Eve Countdown as well as a rendition of “The Boys are Back in Town”. Two new songs make an appearance on this album as well, “Satan Pulls The Strings” and “Rejects in the Attic.”



Here is track listing for “Live, Vol. 4”

1. Satan Pulls the Strings
2. Laundry Room
3. Another is Waiting
4. Shame
5. Kick Drum Heart
6. Rejects in the Attic
7. Ten Thousand Words
8. Talk On Indolence
9. Auld Lang Syne
10. The Boys are Back in Town
11. I and Love and You
12. Slight Figure of Speech
13. Happy Trails


For any Avett Brother fan, this album is essential. Even if you have seen them live, there is such a unique and incredible energy in each of these recordings. It feels more like they were playing in a room with old friends than an arena full of strangers. I do have one warning, though. Listening to this album will cause you to immediately look up the Avett Brothers tour schedule and begin planning a road trip. To help speed up your planning, here is the link for their tour schedule.

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