Album Review: I, No Longer by PENTIMENTO

PENTIMENTO is a four-piece punk band from Buffalo, NY. They formed in 2010, consisting of drummer/singer Michael Hansen, singer/guitarist Jeremiah Pauly, guitarist Lance Claypool, and bassist Vincent Caito. Since then, they’ve been making music that moves and relates to listeners emotionally, connecting to them on another level that some bands never reach. The outcome is something phenomenal in every album. For those reading that have never experienced the band’s work, get ready for the feels.

I, No Longer cover art
I, No Longer cover art

Released October 23rd, PENTIMENTO’s second full-length album I, No Longer continues their legacy beautifully through an intricate tale of heartbreak, introspective analysis, and trying to figure it all out. It’s an album to which everyone that has been through a difficult period can relate. Hansen captures the tragedy of lost love, and the intricately agonizing process of accepting being broken so simply, clearly, and accurately through his lyrics.

“It’s a long way from lonely to home,” is the line that opens the entire album, from the leading song “Small Talk for Strangers.” So simple, but the depth of this one line spans to the deepest recesses of one’s mind. To lose the one person that loved you completely, that you loved completely, feels like losing your home, losing what you thought was your one true and safe place in this world.

The album’s single “Stuck Forever” is a tad more upbeat in the music aspect than most of the other songs, but the overarching theme of the difficulties of maintaining relationships is still present in the lyrics. One of the lines that sticks out most to me is, “Do you have good days, or am I still in your way? Are all the things you thought were worth it turning out to be mistakes?” These questions subliminally say that even the happiest of memories are tarnished by a painful ending, warping your feelings about the past and your actions; you wish you could have a “do-over.” But there are times when you can muddle through and be okay for a short time despite the gloom surrounding you. You have the power to move forward, but you have to choose if you’re going to let your past stand in your way or not. If they do, you’re stuck.

My personal favorite from I, No Longer is “Gateway.” It resonated with me on an impactful experience of my life, a resonance I’m sure others will find, as well. “Gateway” is about finally letting go and moving on, because you allow yourself to do so. But it also expresses that the process is sometimes circular and unproductive, and always arduous: “Hey, I thought I chased you away. I guess I misunderstood the depth of the will that it takes.” These lines show that moving on is not a cut-and-dry, one-and-done thing; there will be people to whom you’ll return multiple times until you get it right, and you’re okay. If it was around then, this song would have been my anthem just a few short years ago.

It’s strenuous when we have to face the truth, and that’s what PENTIMENTO does with I, No Longer: They make us face our truths. The LP furthers the band’s success, and gives listeners another outlet to better express their emotions when they don’t necessarily have the words. It also provides comfort in relation, and the motivation to keep trying. It’s music that everyone needs in their lives.

I, No Longer can be streamed in full on BandCamp, and can be purchased here. Check out PENTIMENTO’s website at

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