19 Things in The 100 Season 3 Extended Trailer That Left Our Minds Reeling

After months and months and months of anticipating, the full extended trailer of CW’s The 100 was finally released yesterday. And oh boy was it jam-packed with all kinds of teases and hints of the upcoming season. After spending a good part of yesterday freaking out over it, I have finally compiled a list of things that have left al our minds reeling from it. Let’s just say, if we were confused and intrigued about the new much-anticipated season before, we are completely exploding with questions now.

So, here are a few of the things that have left me completely mind-boggled and impatiently awaiting January 21st.

What is this new grounder anthem and when will we hear it?

The trailer opens with Clarke walking down a hallway in what seems to be Grounder attire while there is a soulful woman’s voice singing in the background. Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg has revealed this particular song to be the Grounder Anthem. So, what exactly is this anthem and what will prompt it to be sung in the new season? Is it playing in the background for when Clarke is walking in or was it just put in that way in the trailer? One thing is for sure, it sounded absolutely beautiful!

What is that explosion and who is getting blown up by it?

Next, we see a huge explosion and two people getting blown back by it. What is that explosion and who are those two people? There have been many theories floating around by people who have spent time examining the trailer frame by frame, but that’s a whole different discussion. The main questions is, why is everyone always getting blown up? I guess I should remind myself what show I’m watching here. No one is indeed safe.

Are ALIE and Jaha back at the Camp Jaha?

We also get a glimpse of ALIE welcoming Jaha back to the camp. Are Jaha and ALIE really there? How, why, and when? What could ALIE want with Camp Jaha? Should we be worried about our faves? The answer is of course! We should always worry about our faves and frequently make offerings to our overlord, Jason Rothenberg, to spare their lives.

Who is this new Sky person and what is his goal?

We also see a new Skye person leading up what looks to be an ill-timed Revolution? Who is he and where did he come from? Why does he think all grounders are the same? Why is Kane in what looks like a lock-up? What is this new guy’s agenda? Why does he need to talk to Bellamy about his sister? Just what IS his beef with everyone? And why does Bellamy seem to be chummy with him?

Why does Clarke think Bellamy wants to go to war?

We see Clarke asking Bellamy if he really wants to go to war, to which he replies that they have been at war since they landed. Bellamy and Clarke, while they may have butted heads, have always been able to be on the same page and have been co-leaders of The 100. So what changed? Why do they seem to be at opposite ends right now and what is prompting Bellamy to go to war? Didn’t he outgrow that phase of his development?

Who are all the dead people in the field?

We see Lexa and Clarke riding horse up to a field that is then revealed to be filled with dead bodies. Who are these dead people and how did they die? Who killed them?

Is that a horse and a car racing???

With Octavia on the horse??????? ?????

Who is Lexa fighting and why?

We see Lexa fighting someone in a spectator fight with what seems to be parts of all the 12 clans surrounding them. Who is this person and why is she fighting them? Is this a sport or is her life in danger? What is prompting this fight? Whatever the answers to those questions, I will say that Alycia Debnam-Carey looks badass fighting.

Why is Raven screaming in agony while Octavia is holding her back?

Raven, our poor ray of genius sunshine, seems to keep ending up in unfortunate situations. We see her screaming in pure agony while Octavia holds her back against a wall or something. What is going on? Why is she screaming? Why is Octavia holding her back? Just why?

Kane and Abby are kissing??????

YAAS. That’s not even a question but I needed to exclaim in excitement, okay?

Who is Clarke having sex with?

We see Clarke having some fun (and boy does the poor girl deserve it) but we are left scratching our head about who it might be with. There have been many theories floating about this as well but, again, that is a whole other discussion. I’m just glad Clarke is getting laid, that’s all.

Why is Bellamy crying while hugging Clarke?

We also see Bellamy and Clarke hugging emotionally, which is a relief from their earlier argument (unless the order is switched? gasp!). Bellamy has a tear rolling down his face while Clarke just looks plain relieved. What is prompting this hug? Why is Bellamy crying? If Bellamy is crying, why is Clarke smiling/looking relieved? Why are their cuts on their faces? But honestly, when do they NOT have cuts on their faces?

Why is everyone fighting?

I don’t even know why I’m asking this. Hello, have I seen this show?

Who is the new Sky person shooting?

So the new Sky person has a gun and he seems to be shooting it. Why and at who? The way the scene is edited makes it look like he’s pointing it at Octavia. That couldn’t be, could it? He did say he needed talk to Bellamy about his sister. Oh no! SaveOctavia2k16!!

Why is Clarke crying while being comforted by Lexa’s henchman?

We also see Clarke crying while being held by a guy who looks to be one of Lexa’s important henchmen. Why is she crying? Why is that particular person comforting her? Where is Lexa? Uh oh! Is our Heda okay? I sure hope so!

Why is Bellamy on the wrong side?

We also see Octavia exclaiming that her brother is on the wrong side which explains his and Clarke’s scene from earlier. Why is Bellamy on the wrong side? What is the new Sky dude doing to him?

Why is there a Camp Jaha guard fighting Lincoln?

We see a Camp Jaha guard using what looks like a light saber on Lincoln. Why is he doing that? Isn’t Lincoln part of the Sky people now? What’s going on? Does this have something to do with Octavia’s beef with the new Sky dude?

Who is Monty shooting?

We also see our resident cinnamon roll and sunshine, Monty, holding a gun and screaming in desperation as he fires. Who is he shooting? Why is he holding a gun? What is going on????

Why is Octavia fighting Bellamy and why is he dead to her?

The trailer ends on Octavia straight up beating Bellamy up and leaving him bloody as she says that he’s dead to her. OUCH. What prompted this? Did Bellamy do something bad? Is this related to Lincoln’s fight with the Ark guard? Does this have something to do with the new Sky person? Why are my poor Blakes fighting? That’s not okay! I hope they make up soon because this is too much for me to handle!

Whew. So that was everything that sent my mind reeling from watching this trailer. January cannot come soon enough! Don’t forget to catch the season premiere for The 100 Season 3 on Thursday, January 21st at 9:00 p.m.! If you’re new to the show (why are you reading this incredibly spoilery post????), be sure to catch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix before the start of the new season!


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