WCW: Danai Gurira

Up until 2013, I had no idea who Danai Gurira was.

Having been active in the industry since 2004, Gurira has mostly guest-starred in television with a few supporting roles, and one starring, in film. But 2013 brought Danai front and center when she was cast as katana-wielding/walker-owner Michonne on The Walking Dead.

Fans of the comic already knew Michonne was BAMF Supreme, but could Danai bring that badass-ery to life? The answer was yes. And still is. Seeing Danai with Michonne’s signature locks and swords gave me life that I didn’t know I had been missing.

Catch Danai Gurira on AMC’s The Walking Dead Sundays at 9/8c.

You can follow her on Twitter at @@DanaiGurira

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