The Good Dinosaur Review

The-Good-Dinosaur-3What if the dinosaurs never went extinct? That’s the premise of Disney Pixar’s film The Good Dinosaur.

Instead of hitting the Earth, an asteroid misses its mark so evolution doesn’t happen. Dinosaurs roam the earth along with man and appear more highly intelligent than their human counterpart.

If movie goers ever wanted to see what The Flintstones’ Dino would be like with his dinosaur family, they get that in The Good Dinosaur.

The protagonist of the film is an Apatosaurus named Arlo (voiced by Raymond Ochoa). He is part of a family of farmer dinosaurs constantly in fear that they will not produce enough crops to ensure their survival.  The family is headed by Poppa (Jeffrey Wright) and Momma (Frances McDormant). Arlo is a timid creature who is afraid of everything, even the farm’s animals. Poppa is trying to encourage Arlo to “man up, while Arlo feels he won’t live up to his family’s expectations.

The film focuses on Arlo’s relationship with Spot, a human boy, who he meets when it is discovered that Spot has been eating the family’s corn crop. Spot is feral and more animal-like than human. He crawls on all fours and growls.

Arlo and Spot share the classic friendship that is a prevailing theme in Disney Pixar movies. They face struggles and challenges but prove that even with differences when you work together, nothing is impossible.

The Good Dinosaur’s spectacular visual effects makes Arlo and Spot’s journey more epic. And dinosaur Butch (played by Sam Elliott) offers Arlo’s valuable advice in a way that makes the character a standout.

The Good Dinosaur is a movie the entire family can enjoy.

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