The Flash: Even Meta Gorillas Need A Family

e8591fc8e7e742ecc2fbfe15a33b3c35How evil is Grodd?  In The Flash episode “Gorilla Warfare” viewers got that chance to get the answer to that question with the return of Grodd.  This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen “Gorilla Warfare” yet, please do not continue reading.

A huge talking gorilla would bring terror to even the bravest of persons but underneath Grodd’s size and furry, monkey exterior was a creature that wanted what most of us want, a home and a family.

There are many gorilla movies that touch on the theme of the creature being tamed due to the caring heart of a sensitive woman.  The 1949 movie “Mighty Joe Young” featured a gorilla named Joe who was nurtured by a young girl, Jill and because of her love and understanding,  (As well as the tune ‘Beautiful Dreamer’) he doesn’t terrorize the city.  Grodd’s Jill Young is Caitlin Snow.  She tried to look past the beast.

Grodd kidnaps Caitlin wanting her help in finding out how he came to be and in making other genetically enhanced gorillas so he won’t be alone.  He remembered how nice Caitlin always was to him and feels she’ll understand his plight.

The best thing about “Gorilla Warfare” is that it helped get Barry Allen out of his depression funk and back in the game.  As viewers remember, his last battle with Zoom left Barry unable to feel his legs.  His self-pitying made him more useless as The Flash then being without his powers.

The Flash is more than a show about a superhero with speed.  It is a show about family.  And because of the love and support of his extended family which includes Joe, Iris and Cisco, Barry is able to save Caitlin.

I must admit, my sympathies were with Grodd.  He may be a huge beast, but he is also a victim.  The look of pain in his eyes as he was sent through the portal was heartbreaking.  I hope that Grodd finds love in his new home.  I especially enjoyed  getting a glimpse of Gorilla City.

It appears this is the last we’ll see of Grodd, I’ll miss the big guy.  But applaud the writers of The Flash for giving a satisfying conclusion to his story.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/9c on The CW.

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