Tattoo Tuesday: Which Tat Did Blindspot Investigate This Week?

“Guerrero is in custody because of a tattoo on Jane’s body. What if the next one leads to you?”

Kurt Weller’s words are ominous. And speaking of a tattoo that was explained last week. So which one was the subject of scrutiny on this week’s episode?

A butcher knife with the number “65” on it. What did it stand for? It was a prediction of dirty cops and a slaughter coming to the NYC 65th precinct.

There was so much more going on than ‘just’ that, though. The parallel between Bethany Mayfair, Daylight, and what was going on with the 65th was profound. Kurt’s question to Mayfair was laced with tension. He wouldn’t cover for her.

The storylines in this show are intricately woven together. There are always more questions than answers: the weekly tattoo mystery being solved, the longer-term Daylight issue to investigate and understand, and the question that is buried beneath everything else…where did the tattoos come from?

For now, though, while the audience waits with bated breath for whatever answers may come, they are also asking themselves, “Which tattoo will they tackle next week?”

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