Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards (October 25th-31st)

Hi, guys! I hope you are ready for a fresh dose of superlatives because ready or not, here we come!



OLIVIA MOORE “I hate that phrase ‘made love’ — it’s like sex went and hired a PR firm.”


I have been a huge fan of Rob Thomas since the days of Veronica Mars. There is something magical about how his shows manage to keep a perfect balance between being deliciously lighthearted and heart wrenchingly emotional. iZombie meets the expectations perfectly. Liv Moore’s ever-changing personalities are an added bonus to the funny quips the show offers, and this week’s episode was no less.

Honorable Mention: Once Upon a Time (Merlin)


Jemma Simmons

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. - "4,722 Hours" - After her dramatic rescue from another planet, Simmons is still reeling from her ordeal and reveals how she had to fight for her life in a harsh new world, on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Tyler Golden) ELIZABETH HENSTRIDGE

If I could give this week’s every single award to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I would have. That was hands down the most fantastic episode the show has produced to date. The decision to air Jemma’s entire storyline from the other planet in one week instead of spreading it out over a few episodes did wonders for the storyline. Jemma Simmons, while having shown us her badass side multiple times (I mean, she went undercover at HYDRA), is known as more of a scientist than a field operative. But this week, Jemma showed us her proficiency in multiple areas beautifully. Not only was she able to survive on an alien planet with no help for days, but she was also able to restore hope to her very defeated astronaut friend and proceeded to find a way to escape the planet. Not enough praise can be given to Jemma for the extreme badassness in the face of adversity that she showed this week.


barry allen


Do I even need an explanation? Barry Allen has been the cutest, most lovable character on our screen ever since he first made an appearance on Arrow. I have resisted the urge to award him this title for the past two weeks, but I couldn’t any more. Time and time again, Barry has shown that no matter what trials he is going through in his life, he never stops being an absolute ray of sunshine for everyone around him. He is always there for his friends and always sees the good in people even when they don’t see it in themselves. He proved that this week by standing up for Jefferson Jackson and believing in him.

BIGGEST JERK: once upon a time

emma swan


It physically pains me to put our favorite savior in this category, but it has to be done. If it makes anyone feel any better, it wasn’t really Emma but the Dark One’s influence on her that made her do the things she did. After Henry gets his heartbroken by his first love Violet, who tells him she only sees him as a friend, it is later revealed to Regina through a dreamcatcher that it was Emma who ripped out Violet’s heart and made her say those things to Henry so that Emma and Regina could use his tears to free Merlin. The Emma we know and love would never even imagine hurting her son in this way, so it is obvious that the Dark One’s hold on her is growing stronger.

BAD GUY OF THE WEEK: supernatural

the nachzehrer


This week’s case brought the Winchesters ghoul and vampire hybrids, known as Nachzehrers (or as Dean would like to say, ghoulpires). The Nachs have one alpha who is actually a dead person who goes on to create more of them, and they like to snack on human beings. These creeps gave the Winchesters quite the run for their money while they tried to figure out who they are and how to kill them.

MOST SHADY CHARACTER: how to get away with murder

frank delfino


Frank has been quite a gray character from the beginning of the show as we never really knew what he was hired for. His shadiness took a serious boost when we learned that he is the one of killed Lila on Sam’s orders. His shadiness has only climbed higher and higher since then. The thing that makes Frank so shady is that one minute he will be doing something creepy and terrifying, but the next moment he would be acting completely normal around the Keating gang. This week we saw Frank bury Rebecca among other creepy things but also introduce Laurel to his family in an effort to let her see more of him.

BEST KISS: chicago pd

lindsay and halstead

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 1.36.14 AM

The fan-favorite couple rekindled their romance this week and decided to make it public and it all started with some furniture building! When the two met up at the bar, Halstead brought up their earlier interlude and asked Lindsay if she wanted to take it public. She responded with a joke asking if he wanted to hold her hand in front of everyone. Halstead decided he would do one better and kissed her. Squee! It was all just way too cute for me.


caleb and shelby have hate-sex

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 2.11.20 AM

When you have a FBI academy full of extremely gorgeous trainees, there are bound to be some serious swoon-worthy moments. This week’s such moment comes from Caleb and Shelby, the cutest would-be couple on the Quantico campus. These two have been butting heads and flirting since the day they first arrived at the academy, and all of the LUST finally came to a head when Caleb decided to make it his sole mission to screw up any progress Shelby made on their field mission. This led to an angry confrontation between the two which led to the two having pretty steamy hate-sex.


major asks for liv’s help


iZombie’s main couple has been at odds for one reason or another since the show first started. At first Liv avoided Major to hide her zombie secret, then Major learned she was a zombie and started giving her the cold shoulder. This week, however, things turned on their head a little when Major finally realized how bad of a drug problem he had developed and shuffled over to Liv’s doorstep, asking her for help. This led to a cute embrace between the two which led to a passionate kiss. It was a pretty adorable moment between the two and a much-needed reconciliation.


oliver confronts lance


Captain Lance and Oliver have been doing a back-and-forth dance since the show first began. Lance started off  hating Oliver and the Arrow, then he started working with them, but then he decided to turn against them, and now he is just kind of hanging in between. This week, however, Oliver decided to finally dish back some of the harsh truth that Lance has been throwing his way for years. After learning that Lance has been working with Damien Darhk, Oliver confronted him and pretty much blew up on him. It was a really emotional scene that both Paul and Stephen carried beautifully.

MOST TERRIFYING SCENE: the walking dead

glenn is surrounded by walkers


The Walking Dead fans were in for a wild ride this week when they discovered that one of their favorite characters might have been killed off. While the answer on whether or not Glenn was actually killed by the zombies has not been clarified, it was still a pretty terrifying scene to watch him be surrounded by walkers, unable to run away from them.


jemma gives up hope


This week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was an incredibly heartbreaking episode all around. We got to experience Jemma’s time at the alien planet uninterrupted for an hour, and boy did we see some harsh things. It is hard to pick one moment from the episode to list under this title, but the moment when Jemma finally gives up hope of ever being able to return to Earth was pretty much the most devastating of the whole episode. Poor Jemma.


thea sets up oliver’s campaign office


Oliver’s announcement of running for mayor to the Team Arrow this week didn’t quite go as he had hoped. Diggle, Laurel, and Thea were shocked and a little unsure of his decision. I mean, they aren’t quite off the mark with that. After all, the past few mayors of Starling City have all ended up dead, and then there’s the bit about Oliver’s lack of, well, any experience of any kind. But all this was made up for when at the end of the episode Oliver discovered his campaign office to be fully staffed and functional thanks to his little sister who has taken up the mantle to manage his campaign.

FUNNIEST SCENE: supernatural

dean fights the nachzehrer to no avail


This week’s episode was pretty quirky in and of itself. It was filmed almost entirely from the inside of baby, the ’67 Chevy Impala that the Winchesters call home. The funniest scene award for the week easily goes to the scene where Dean is trying to kill the Nachzehrer (unaware of what it really is) and failing repeatedly. The scene was made extra comical by the fact the it was being shot from inside the Impala and Cas was on speaker phone telling Dean the exact facts about the Nachzehrer he needed to hear, but Dean, who was on the outside of the car, could not hear any of Cas’s helpful hints and had to learn all of the information the hard way.


barry and caitlin’s heart to heart


Snowbarry shippers must have been quite delighted this week as Barry and Caitlin had quite the adorable heart to heart. Caitlin feels disheartened after they lost both of their Firestorm candidates and blames herself for it. Barry helps her realize that she just didn’t see what was right in front of her because she was too scared of exploring new things. It was a pretty adorable moment.

performer of the week: marvel’s agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.

elizabeth henstridge


Yes, I added this category just so I could give Liz this award, that is how phenomenal she was this week. This week’s episode was a very tough episode to handle. It could have very easily become a terrible one if everything had not been done to perfection. However, it became one of the best episodes the show has ever had and that was in large part due to Elizabeth Henstridge. In an ensemble show like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it is not easy to be able to carry an entire episode by yourself in a strange setting with no help from the other main cast members, but Elizabeth came into her own and delivered masterfully. It really gave her an opportunity to stretch her acting legs and showcase her talent and she did so with flying colors, wowing the entire audience with the delicacy with which she played all of the emotions and trauma that Jemma went through in her time at the alien planet.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! Remember to check back next sunday for the upcoming week’s Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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