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If there was a sass-master award, Regina Mills would most definitely be one of the highest contenders. That woman just knows how to snark even in the most dire moments, and Lana Parrilla always delivers masterfully. So this past week was no exception as the heroes tried to contact Merlin via magical toadstool and managed to only get a recorded message hologram thing from him with a warning that if they’re hearing this message than he’s dead. Yikes. Regina, of course, lightens up the mood by exasperatedly exclaiming what we were all thinking “we’re getting Merlin’s voicemail!” Classic.


cisco ramon

Cisco 4_zpsl1tfs6xh.jpg~original

The Flash is by no means short of absolutely adorkable sunshine, but I’m pretty sure if there was a TV show character made entirely out of sunshines, cupcakes, unicorns, and rainbows, it was Cisco Ramon himself. I have a feeling that Cisco could become a shady, evil super villain, and I would still have a strong desire to wrap him in blankets and give him hot chocolate. Most of it is just the amazing charm that Carlos Valdes brings with him coupled with the adorable one-liners. All in all, Cisco Valdes is most definitely the cinnamon roll of the show, and this week stood out even more as he gave a snarky cold shoulder to Wells 2.0, helped Barry navigate his blind-date, embraced his metahuman-ness and got named, and managed to get the new-hottie-in-town’s number. All while looking adorable and kicking ass. Oh, Cisco, how I love thee.


Don Carlos


Do I even need to explain this one? So this week, we had this season’s lovely new addition, Queen Elizabeth, finally agree to the idea of marriage and being courted by potential suitors. The biggest name in the suitor list was of the Spanish prince, Don Carlos, that Mary was also heard considering for her second marriage a couple of episodes back. While at first I found myself intrigued at the idea of this new mildly shady suitor, I fast found myself cruising into the ‘NOPE’ territory when Don Carlos asked Elizabeth to lift up her skirt for him to prove that she is indeed a woman. THE HORROR. He explained that there were rumors that the Queen was actually a man in disguise pretending to be her, and he wanted proof before he agreed to the marriage. The Queen obviously rejected this request and stormed out of the meeting. You go girl! Show those misogynists who’s the greatest monarch of them all!

BAD girl OF THE WEEK: The Flash

Dr. Light


I have to say, as soon as I first saw the mysterious Dr. Light on-screen in her full costume, I knew it was Linda’s doppleganger. Even through the mask, I could see Malese Jow in there and boy was I excited. The multiverse theory has really given The Flash intriguing possibilities about showing different versions of already introduced characters and I would to see more familiar faces re-introduced. Dr. Light was fantastic this week with her obviously awesome powers and struggle with what Dr. Zoom was making her do. I am looking forward to seeing what the show has in store for her now.

BEST KISS: Jane the virgin

Michael and Jane


Ever since her break-up with Rafael last season and the whole baby drama, Jane has found herself torn between her two wonderful beaus. She keeps finding herself going back and forth between Michael and Rafael, but this week, it seems that she might have made a possible decision? After spending the evening partying it up with her bestie and letting loose, Jane found herself at the Marbella where she ran into Michael. The two had a cute moment BAM before we knew it, they were having one of the most epic kisses of all time! Whatever you may ship or not ship, it’s hard to deny that a kiss with winter wonderland like scenery in the background and fake snow falling all around is not just outright epic.

MOST EMOTIONAL SCENE: once upon a time

merida saves her brothers’ lives


Once Upon a Time writers are pretty great at giving us emotional moments that make us tear up, and last week’s episode was no different. In the flashback timeline, we saw Merida and Belle team-up (well, Merida essentially kidnapped Belle but that’s besides the point) to find and save Merida’s kidnapped brothers. The journey ends with the two heroines finding Merida’s brothers tied up and about to be executed. As Merida attempts to transform herself into a bear via a magical potion to take on the three clans, Belle tells her that she switched out the potion and Merida will have to fight and save her brothers as herself. Merida falters a little because of the self-doubt she has been dealing with due to her father’s death, but all of that is erased when three archers shoot arrows aimed at her three brothers, and Merida shoots an arrow that breaks all three of the arrows in one go, thus saving her brothers. The raw emotion with which she screams and shoots her arrow as a last-ditch effort to save her brothers was pretty gut wrenching and I am glad it ended happily.


mary and francis discuss their dream future


Anyone who is even remotely familiar with Reign’s season 1 storyline knows that there is a longstanding prophecy that foresees Francis’s death barely a year into the royal marriage. And anyone who is even remotely familiar with Mary Queen of Scots’s history knows that King Francis died a year into their marriage. So, we all know its gonna happen, but its the heartbreaking question of when. This week we saw Francis’s health steadily decline and a scene that Nostradamus saw in a prophecy 2 seasons ago was played out in the show. As Mary sits by the very sickly Francis’s bedside, the two discuss their dream imaginary future where they have two children, a boy and a girl. The scene was heartbreaking to see in the prophecy itself but it was even more heartbreaking to see it play out in realtime.


ravi and blaine fight


After our favorite zombie ally, Ravi, was delivered the boat party version of the cut Utopium, he started his “rigorous” testing to see if it was the same Utopium he previously made a zombie cure with. The answer is proven to be no when the desperate ex-drug dealer who cut this utopium drinks it (thinking it is the cure) and pretty much shrivels up and dies right on the spot. Of course this leads the witnessing Ravi and Blaine to believe that this new Utopium is actually a zombie poison, and they both wait for a few seconds before lunging towards it to secure it from the other. What ensues is a wonderful scene of two grown men fighting like two children who want the same toy. It was pretty entertaining.

BEST BUDDY MOMENT: once upon a time

Belle and merida


It wasn’t one moment per say, but the entire episode had a great Belle/Merida camaraderie going, except of course for the part where Merida hit Belle on the head and kidnapped her. The two helped each other out and really bonded over their shared parental stories and struggles. Belle helped Merida believe in herself and Merida helped Belle feel hopeful for herself. It was an interesting storyline for both the characters and one they both could really use more of. Except for the head hitting of course.

best action scene: MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.

bobbi and may fight hydra


Any fight scene that involves either Bobbi Morse or Melinda May is automatically bad ass to begin with, but one with both of them fighting side by side? Now that’s a treat I could get used to! The new Bobbi/May team up on a mission to find Ward is everything I could have hoped for with these two. They are kickass ladies who kick even more ass together and just work well as partners. This week we saw the two go on the hunt for Ward by looking for his former prodigy, Strucker. Strucker was being held by Ward’s HYDRA goons who were about to kill him when our wonderful agents kicked down the doors and kicked everyone’s asses majestically.


andrew is lash


Speaking of that kick ass scene, it ended with quite the jaw dropper. The identity of the elusive and mysterious Lash was finally revealed and GASP! it is May’s ex husband Andrew! I have to say while I may not have been exclusively pointing him out, Andrew was most definitely on the list of candidates that I suspected to be Lash. Mainly because of his interest in inhumans and not clearing them to join Daisy. But still, it was a very shocking reveal and one that is sure going to shake up our SHIELD agents and the whole show.

cutest SCENE: the flash

barry and patty’s blind date


As previously stated, The Flash is full of adorable characters and the newest addition of Patty Spivot is no exception. The adorable flirtation between Patty and Barry finally culminated in Barry asking her out to dinner this week which led to possibly one of the cutest dates ever. Barry, after his encounter with Dr. Light, is left blinded for a few hours. In an attempt to salvage his date, Barry puts on camera sunglasses that let Cisco, who is back at STAR Labs, see everything Barry is supposed to be seeing so he can navigate Barry through his blind date. The result is adorable hilarity with awkward moments and all around cuteness that ends in Patty admitting she realized he couldn’t see and also a very cute goodnight kiss between the two. IT was adorable and I for one cannot wait to see how this relationship develops.

guest star of the week: arrow

john constantine


Everyone was very excited when it was first revealed that the fan favorite Constantine would be making a guest appearance on Arrow this season, especially after his show was cancelled earlier this year. Our Team Arrow this week decided to call for Oliver’s old island buddy Constantine’s help when they realized that Sara’s soul was still stuck in the underworld. Constantine helped Laurel and Oliver restore Sara’s soul back to her body and managed to charm everyone while he was at it. The episode was a very interesting turn for the show that has tried to stay more or less realistic over the past few seasons, it had a very much supernatural and scary movie feel to it, but it was entertaining nonetheless, made so even more by the lovely and sassy presence of the wonderful Matt Ryan. Can we keep him?

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! Remember to check back next sunday for the upcoming week’s Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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