Ship Wars: The Flash 2.0

A few months ago, Talk Nerdy With Us did a ship wars for Barry Allen on The Flash. A few episodes into season two, there’s a new girl on the scene, Felicity is solidly with Oliver over in Star City, and Linda seems to have been relegated to friend of Iris, so we felt it was time for an updated ship wars. So, do you ship:

Barry and Patty. Patty is new this season and is Joe’s new partner in the police department’s fight against metahumans. Patty, like Barry, is smart, cute, and awkward in a way that makes you love her even more. They both fight against evil metahumans in their own way, but Patty doesn’t know Barry’s secret identity. Does this make Patty a light in Barry’s life, someone just far enough away from what he does to be a break from it all but close enough to understand? Or does her not knowing his secret just add a burden to their relationship?

OR Barry and Iris. Iris is almost the opposite of Patty. She’s been in Barry’s life from the beginning, she has already learned his secret and forgiven him, and she’s a seriously cool person. Iris fights crime and metahumans both as a journalist and by Barry’s side in S.T.A.R. Labs and for the first time since Barry woke up from his coma is single. Is there too much history between them? Are they too much like brother and sister? Will Barry ever be able to fully forgive himself for the death of her almost fiance in order to have a healthy relationship with Iris?

OR Barry and Caitlin. Caitlin, like Barry, loves science and wants to use it to save the world. Throughout their time together Barry and Caitlin have had each others backs, gave courage when the other one needed it, and have built a relationship beyond teammates. They are partners in the fight against metahumans but also partners in life as they walk through loss together. But, with the loss of her husband and the new flame starting with Jay Garrick, is it just too little too late for these two friends to become something more?

So, tell us what you think. Who do you ship?

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