Say “Hello” to Spencer Sutherland

​Everyone is talking about Adele’s new single, “Hello.” The song focuses on regret over a failed relationship. Adele is trying to contact and say “Hello” to this person and has no success. She wants to apologize for her part in the falling out.

It’s hard to match Adele’s triumphant voice where her first lyric in the song, “hello,” is simply beautiful. Spencer Sutherland has done a cover of the song after being inspired by its lyrics and meaning. The Ohio native pleasantly surprised me with his rendition.

Adele has a booming voice that comes deep within her register. Sutherland has a much higher pitched voice almost as if the gender roles have been reversed. The video of Sutherland has him walking down a street singing to the shaky camera which showcases realism and displays his frustration at the dissolution of a relationship.

Sutherland’s voice is breathy and his cover is a nice ode to Adele’s “Hello.” He has done other song covers by other artists including Selena Gomez and Kanye West. The self-taught singer and songwriter is very talented and is also signed to Ford Models which isn’t shocking due to his good looks.

Check out Spencer Sutherland’s website and his “Hello” cover video below.

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