Reign: Queens Unite For The Love of France

REI-306-FightOrFlight-trla-112015_b1acbee8c_CWtv_720x400On Reign, the king is dead, long live the queens- Catherine and Mary. If you haven’t watched the Reign episode “Fight or Flight” please do not continue reading as this article contains spoilers.

How can Mary go on now that the love of her life is dead?  That’s the question she faced. But she didn’t have time to wallow in her grief as the fate of France was being decided with a vote on the regency.

I applaud Adelaide Kane’s performance in the episode. She showed that Mary, the girl is now gone and has been replaced by Mary, the woman and queen.  She has vowed to honor Francis’ dying wish that she remain in France.  Catherine must also set her grief aside for France and forms an alliance with Mary.

After years of resentment and mistrust, it was great to see Catherine and Mary coming together for their common loves for Francis and France. They make a formidable pair. When sharing scenes with Megan Follows, Adelaide Kane’s acting star shines brighter.

I can’t speak for other viewers of Reign, but I wasn’t that interested in what was happening with Elizabeth and her romantic woes. For me, I was more intrigued seeing how Mary and Catherine would hold on to France.  They make better business partners than enemies.

It’s a tricky situation when a show loses a member of their coupling. Could Reign survive the loss Francis? I believe the show can if they continue Mary’s character growth and keep Catherine as her “queen mentor”. However, Mary may now be required to go against her nature to prove her strength as queen. I wonder whether she will turn as ruthless as Catherine.

The possibilities are endless.

Reign airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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