MCM Idris Elba

Recently I saw someone post on Twitter “How can Beckham be People’s Sexiest Man Alive when this is a universe in which Idris Elba exists?” And I absolutely agree with that.

Idris Elba has been acting for over 20 years. His most known for his roles in The WireLuther, and Pacific Rim.

Fans have been screaming (literally, because I’m one of them) for Elba to take over the role of James Bond, something movie execs seem hesitant to consider. I don’t consider myself a huge 007 fan, but I’d give all my money to see him as the greatest spy the world has ever seen.

Idris recently wrapped work on Star Trek Beyond and The Jungle Book. He can next be seen in the newest season of Luther, airing in December.

You can follow this fine specimen on Twitter at @iidriselba

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