Jeffrey Dean Morgan: A Man with Many Character Faces

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has carved a prolific acting career gracing both television and film. As Grey’s Anatomy Denny Duquette, Morgan became part of the ill-fated love story with Dr. Isabelle (Izzy) Stevens played by Katherine Heigl. When Denny took his final breath, heart-broken Grey’s fans mourned his death along with Izzy. The return of Morgan as Denny’s ghost gave viewers the opportunity once again to enjoy his talents.

Morgan was also a favorite with Supernatural fans as stubborn and determined hunter and patriarch John Winchester, father of Sam and Dean, in the CW’s long running show. John Winchester traded his life to save his son Dean (Jensen Ackles) and his soul was subsequently tortured in Hell. Yet, you can’t keep a Winchester down. John’s ghost returned in the Season 2 finale All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2 to save his sons from the Yellow Eyed Demon. It has been years since Jeffrey Dean Morgan appeared on Supernatural, but fans continue to hope for his return.

Since hanging up his hunter’s hat, Morgan has remained quite busy. His extensive film credits include Watchmen, Magic City, Texas Killing Fields, Red Dawn, The Loser and The Possession. On the small screen, Morgan was Joe DiMaggio in the miniseries The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe and Deaf Smith in Texas Rising. Recently, he appeared opposite Oscar winner Halle Berry in Extant and as Jason Crouse in The Good Wife. Finally, Morgan was cast as Negan in the very popular show The Walking Dead.


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