Jane the Virgin: You Never Forget Your First Time(s)

downloadSpoiler alert:  This article contains information from the episode “Chapter-Twenty Eight” which may not have aired yet in some regions.

Life is comprised of a group of first times that form memories and shape us into the people we are destined to become.

For Jane Villanueva, the episode titled “Chapter Twenty-Eight” was comprised of first times for her and for her baby son, Mateo.  These events for Jane showed to illustrate how much her life had changed. She always took pride in being a good student and how easy it came for her.  But then Jane receives the first C- of her academic life.  Being a student while also being a mom is uncharted territory for Jane.  She is constantly worrying that in her quest to pursue a writing career she will miss a lot of Mateo’s firsts.

Rafael on the other hand, was taking to fatherhood like a millionaire at the bank.  While Jane was struggling balancing her life as a student with her life as a mom, Rafael is a natural ‘Mr. Mom’ at the Mommy and Me classes.  He even attracts the attention of a mom who wants to go out on a date with him.

When Jane learns that Mateo was set to inherit forty million dollars from his father’s estate upon Rafael’s death, she begins having hilarious fantasies regarding her little Richie Rich son.  As Jane is a worrier who stresses, her first time away from Mateo (at a writers retreat) caused her to have a sleepless night, which in turn led her to fall asleep in class while another student was reading their work. Academic probation was the result. Another first for Jane.

Gina Rodriquez continues to amaze with her portrayal of Jane.  She stirs the viewer’s emotion.  Her uncertainty and doubt are feelings we all have encountered as we’ve faced changes in our lives.  Change is scary and when your actions also affect the life and well-being of your child, the fear intensifies.

The great thing about Jane the Virgin is that regardless of the outrageous circumstances Jane finds herself in, viewers know that with the love and support of her family, she will overcome.  And as the Villanueva family celebrated Mateo’s first Thanksgiving, that’s something in which Jane can be thankful.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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