iZombie: Who is Agent Dale Bozzio?

Viewers of iZombie are used to Clive Babineaux working with Liv Moore when investigating murders. But will Seattle Police Department’s top detective soon find himself working with a different partner?

Agent Dale Bozzio has entered the iZombie universe.  It’s apparent that she’s a law enforcement officer who wants to do a good job without stepping on too many toes. It’s also apparent that tiny sparks have been flying between Clive and her as witnessed by their recent flirting. Of course on iZombie, things are never what they seem on the surface. Could Seattle’s newest top cop be harboring a secret?

It’s too early to tell whether Dale and Clive’s relationship will develop into something more. Or if she will turn out to be a foe to Liv. What is great about Agent Dale Bozzio is that she’s a lump of clay to be molded  by the iZombie writers.  And we get to see this character take shape in the hands of actress Jessica Harmon.

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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