iZombie: In Abra Cadaver, Has Evil Blaine Disappeared?

zmb206a0265bjpg-9b3f39_765wHas Blaine joined TeamLiv? This article contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the iZombie episode “Abra Cadaver”, please stop reading.

“Abra Cadaver” pulled what some might have felt was an amazing magical feat. It had Blaine turning to Liv for help in stopping the person who has been killing zombies. Although he is now human, Blaine had no intention of being the next one to vanish.  Plus someone killing off his clientele is bad for business.

A Blaine/Liv team up is intriguing on several levels. David Anders and Rose McIver have amazing chemistry. As Blaine and Liv, they easily match each other pun for pun. Kudos to the writers on the “Help me, Zombie-Wan Kenobi” line.  The delivery by Anders, as always was flawless. What endears Blaine to so many iZombie viewers is that although he is evil, he is fun and regardless of the seriousness of the storyline, Blaine can always be counted on to lighten the mode. And as he is Liv’s zombie sire, it’s like the parent turning to their child for help.  I’m sure there are many people out there who often wondered, Blaine and Liv, what if?

However, I couldn’t imagine Blaine keeping his sleeping bag permanently at Camp Liv.  Although season two has shown a different side of Blaine with him exhibiting doubt and remorse, good Blaine wouldn’t work for the long haul. He’s done too many despicable things (killing Lowell, RIP) for Liv to completely forgive and trust him. Plus, Blaine is basically bad to the bone, zombie or not. And Anders is just too good at being bad.

In addition to the Blaine/Liv dynamic, “Abra Cadaver” was a magically enjoyable episode.  Liv performing the magic tricks after consuming the magician’s brain was hilarious as was Clive’s reaction to her latest brain-induced persona.

The questions I’m interested in seeing iZombie answer are:  Will Blaine and Peyton end up together? And now that Liv and Major have found their way back to each other, will that change once she discovers he is the zombie assassin?

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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