iZombie Fandom Speaks: Blaine Feels & LilyMoore Loving

From the looks of social media today, it’s unclear whether viewers remember what the case of the week was on iZombie last night, but they sure are talking about two totally different subjects from the show.

It’s uncertain as to which topic is higher on fans’ lists of things to discuss but there could not possibly be a bigger divide between the utter heartache being poured out over Blaine’s “daddy issues” and the squeeing of fangirls everywhere who loved watching some of the sexier (yet utterly tech savvy) LilyMoore scenes.

Major and Liv are FINALLY trying to make it work together (to mixed reviews from audiences who are still reeling from LivWell’s unexpected demise), but there’s one problem: are they capable of having safe sex? The answer that comes after a number of tantalyzingly teasing scenarios is, for now, a resounding NO.

Blaine on the other hand…Blaine murdered his grandfather and yet somehow managed to gain the sympathy of audiences everywhere. He’s conflicted. Does he miss being a zombie more than he’s enjoying the perks of being human? Why is his dad so awful to him? Will we ever know now that his dad is literally ON ICE? Oh, and then there’s the unmistakable bonding moment between Blaine and Liv where Liv is reminding him of the downside to being a zombie. What was THAT about? Is there more to that connection deep down there somewhere that we can’t quite yet see?

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