How Television Has Made Being A Nerd The Thing To Be

Arrow308.02The writers at Talk Nerdy With Us are self-proclaimed nerds. We “geek” out over books, television movies and music.  But we aren’t the only nerds out there.  The media has realized that being a nerd is actually a good thing.  You can have brains and brawn and use them both.

Just witness the heroes that are popping up on television, particularly on The CW.  Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon are all smart and superheroes (or soon-to-be-villains), even though Barry is the only one who dons a costume as The Flash.

Over on The Flash’s sister show Arrow, Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer are computer nerds with a gift for technology.

There are countless other characters in television and movies that use their intelligence to fight evil and save the world.  Nerds should definitely be respected.  In this technology driven society, if you don’t have knowledge of the latest computer trends, you are going to get left behind.  Knowledge is power.  And the nerds on television are some of the strongest characters out there.

It’s great to see that being a nerd is considered a good thing.  Additionally, our beloved television characters get to hang out with the popular kids, like Oliver Queen.

So all you nerds out there, give yourself a hand.  We’re awesome and are finally being acknowledged.

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