Fandom Speaks: Playing Catch Up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This week when going through Twitter and Tumblr posts, a new phenomenon seemed to be occurring in regards to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

People are starting to find it.

More than that, they’re playing catch up.

Many posts, memes, gifs, and tweets that could be found were for previous episodes rather than the episode that aired last night. Episodes two and four appear to be particularly popular with the ‘Sexy Getting Ready’ song and ‘Settle for Me’ at the top of the listed reasons why those episodes were so well-liked.

Comments seen included, ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me that it was just the title that’s awful?!’ and ‘When I’m not watching/catching up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I’m listening to the songs on my iPod.’

Of course, as much as this may appear to be slightly good news for the CW show, the fact that there were extremely few posts about the episode that aired last night is likely cause for concern to any who want to see this show continue on to not only succeed but be granted more than a single season.

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