Fandom Speaks: Jane The Virgin’s Michael Cordero

Other than a scant few blogs that remarked about how funny Xo and Alba were when they were high last night, the vast majority of posts today have been about one person: Michael Cordero.

Michael, the man that Jane decided on last week, was a mess this week. He tried to do the right thing several times, but ultimately he screwed himself over.

Many viewers are glad that Michael is getting his due. After all, he had lied to just about everyone, cheated, and manipulated the system. He has absolutely NOT been the definition of what a good cop should be. And yet he still had some steadfast fans who continued to root for him.

Most, though, were saying that they were ‘through with Michael.’ That they were glad that he was found out, that he had lost his job, etc. and hoped that soon Jane would no longer see him as a viable candidate.

Others said that they were done with not only Michael’s shenanigans but his storyline. They’re ready to see him written out of the show. They’re done with the love triangle storyline and wonder how much longer it will last.

Which side are you on? Do you want Michael to stick around? Or are you ready to be done with him? Sound off in the comments below!

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