Fandom Speaks: iZombie’s Best Lines

This week it seems that iZombie has made quite the impression on fans with its zany one-liners. In particular, Major Lilywhite surprised a number of viewers by how hilarious he could be.

Major’s #1 rated quote of the night was:

“It sounds like all our problems can be solved with condoms and rock salt.”

That was definitely a line that I myself was not prepared for and it seems the fandom feels the same with the number of times that line has been blogged and reblogged throughout the Tumblr-verse.

Also of note were the following Major lines:

“How hard have you been brushing your teeth?” – Liv

“SO hard.” – Major

“We got lucky.” – Liv

“That’s not how I remember it.” – Major

Of course, Major wasn’t the only noteworthy performance last night. The fact that David Anders/Blaine DeBeers got to sing and bring out his British accent just before fighting Ravi is absolutely the #2 most blogged about scene, gifs and screencaps included.

And then, the Hearst College/Veronica Mars reference cannot go without mention. As usual, Veronica Mars fans flail at any and all Easter Eggs dropped into the script for their viewing pleasure. It’s a love/hate relationship really. The fandom desperately wants more original Veronica Mars content, but until/unless that happens, they’ll take whatever they can get. And what they can get are these tiny little reminders that Rob Thomas and co. haven’t forgotten them.

Finally, the second most mentioned quote of the week:

“Well, that’s my cardio for the day.”

Thanks for that, Blaine. We might just use that line ourselves.

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