Exclusive Interview with Young Rising Sons

Credit: Jesse DeFlorio

Giving their name justice, Young Rising Sons has really risen in the music industry since they formed in 2010. Read our interview below as we discuss their cross-country mini headlining tour, favorite festivals, mixed drinks and more! Be sure to check out their newest EP The Kids Will Be Fine in the iTunes store today!

What has been the craziest moment of your current tour so far?

I don’t know. There’s been so many. Last night got a little rowdy. It was Chris, the drummer of the Mosers birthday at midnight. A few of us were a bit over served. It was a blast. It’s great. There’s just a lot of good vibes on this tour. You know we’re best buddies with the Mosers guys. We played at a few shows with Night Riots last year so we knew them going into it. It’s been really nice to play in a family vibe this whole time. It’s really good.

You’re ending the tour on the East Coast which is where you’re from so are you excited to play around your home crowd?

Oh, yeah, definitely! The last show, actually, is at the Brighton, I believe, in Long Branch, which is probably twenty minutes south of where we live. It really is a home town show for us. It will be cool because it’s right before Thanksgiving so it’s already that family time of year. Everybody’s family is going to be at it and it’s going to be crazy and what not. It will be a lot of fun! The last couple of shows we have we’re playing them in New Jersey. It’s nice to be back on the East Coast. While it’s lovely to see the rest of the world, it’s always nice coming home.

That seems to work out perfectly for the holidays. You guys recently released The Kids Will Be Fine. How has the fan response been to that?

It’s been amazing. We took a step in a different direction with this EP, but still tried to remain who we were at heart. We played songs that made us feel good. In turn, we hope that it makes other people feel good. The EP delved a little bit deeper into the human emotion and spectrum of emotion that we all feel as people. I think it has been great to be able to show that to our fans and to connect with them.

What’s to come in 2016 for Young Rising Sons?

We’re going to be back in the studio right when we finish up this little run. Then, we’re going to be working on a full length. Most likely that will be out during next year. There will be lots of touring. We’re really excited to kind of merge the gap between the two EP’s we’ve put out and also kind of dive a little bit deeper into who we want to be as a band. We’re excited about the new album and what’s to come with that.

Are there any festivals you guys are dying to play at?

Oh, man. We played Firefly last year which was amazing. It’s such a cool experience. We were actually the first band to play. We really didn’t know what to expect. There were about 12 – 15 thousand people there which is just amazing. You grow up seeing things like that on TV and that’s what makes you want to do this for a living. To actually see it in person was crazy. There’s so many great things like Cochella, Lollapalooza. I’d play any of them to be completely honest and be honored to be a part of them.

As a fan, what are your favorite festivals to go to?

We grew up with Warped Tour as kids, honestly. Back when it was Blink 182 and the original line up of the Warped Tour. It was a lot more pop/punk I guess you could say than it is today. Growing up, that was a big part of our musical culture.

In this day and age, you look at line ups for festivals like Lolla and Cochella and a lot of the European festivals too, like O2 and all that stuff. It’s really cool to see the blend of artists that they bring together for that.

Another one we did over the summer was Made in America which was really cool too. To be a rock fan in that kind of setting, it was a lot of hip hop artists. It was cool to be a part of that, to see all those musical cultures kind of colliding and coming together.

What musicians or bands would you guys really want to tour with?

We talked about Strange Results. One of my favorite bands has always been the Killers. I’d be excited to go out with them. Kings of Leon is another band that we really look up to, and Need to Breathe is another that we would love to share the stage with. Of course, somebody like Bruce Springsteen would be incredible to share the stage with. 

I don’t want to say that we try not to set our sights so high, but it is always good to have that dream. You never know what might happen.

What is the best stop you’ve had on this current tour?

There’s been a lot of really good shows on this tour. That’s a tough call. Phoenix was really awesome. Texas is always a blast. We did a lot of Texas shows on this run. The first night too, we started off in Santa Ana. We’ve played that venue a couple of times now and they’re always just crazy there.

It’s tough to pick one. I’m really excited for the upcoming shows we have. I think Phoenix or Santa Ana is probably the winner right now.

I have a Twitter question that somebody submitted. It was, “If the band was a mixed drink, what would the drink be?”

A mixed drink? I don’t know. Jack Daniels would be my answer.

Straight up?

Yes. Just straight up. Maybe on the rocks if anything.

Our site is called ‘Talk Nerdy With Us’. What kind of things do you “nerd out” about?

We love video games. Most of all, Steven and I mostly. We love all of the Call of Duty games. We’re big sports nerds too. We all play Fantasy Football together so we are all stats junkies. We’re kind of gear nerds too. We’re very picky about the stuff we play, like the instruments and the pedals and the amps. All of that. Those are probably the three biggest things, I’d say.

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