Exclusive Interview with Hollywood Heartache

Hollywood Heartache, an Australian punk/pop band, recently released their first EP entitled ‘Eager Hearts.’ Talk Nerdy With us had the opportunity to chat with these guys following the release. Check out our interview below and make sure to pick up their newest EP here!

You guys just recently released your first EP, how does that feel?

Gotta say it’s a great feeling, especially when we received our physical copies. To hold the finished product in your arms that you have created and worked so hard on is amazing. Also the fact that we have gotten nothing but positive reviews and comments from fans makes us proud of what we have released knowing people love it.

Do you have a favorite song off the ep?

I think all of us have a different favorite song, which is pretty cool because it shows our diversity as musicians. We all have different influences and that shines through in different songs. We have our feel good summertime lead single ‘Summer Romance’, then we have a real feelsy somewhat sad song called “High School Sweetheart”. In the middle we have our previously released hit song called “Sarah Says” to bring the mood back up and then we have a weird experimental track called “Goodbye” which sounds like a mixture between Justin Bieber and the Backstreet Boys. To put the icing on the cake, the EP is finished off with a chill acoustic almost Indie like song called ‘Carly’.

You guys are about to head out on tour, where are you most excited to go?

It’s always great to play locally because all your friends are there, so Brisbane is gonna be a banger. But last time we were amazed at the amount of people who actually came out to see us at Adelaide and Melbourne as it was our first ever tour, so it should be great to see if that amount doubles or triples this time. This will be our third time playing in Sydney too, so it will be great to see some familiar and new faces.

What bands do you hope to tour with on your next few tours?

Realistically, it would be great to play with some other great aussie Pop/Pop-Punk/Alternative bands such as Masketta Fall, Forever Ends Here, With Confidence, Little Sea, Daybreak etc..
I think the past year playing shows has been more about getting our music out there and making a name for ourselves so that more show opportunities arise for us next year.

I saw on twitter that Kevin was thinking about posting some covers. Are you guys planning on doing any covers on your tour?

We have a few new ones and also an old one I think, but this tour we want to focus on playing our newly released original songs from our EP. As on our previous tour we had only released 2 original songs, so we had to chuck in a bunch of covers to fill the set.

Have you guys started thinking about tour pranks yet?

It wouldn’t be a good prank if we gave that away would it now? 😉 But with over 50 hours of travelling on the road in a confined space and getting annoyed with each other, it’s pretty inevitable that it will happen haha

2015 has seemed to have been an awesome year for Hollywood Heartache! What does 2016 have in store for you guys?

2015 was our year to get started and test the waters. Now that we have established ourselves, 2016 brings heaps of new and exciting things. We have also learned so much already about what we are doing this past year in terms of do’s and don’ts and what works and what doesn’t, so next year should be better than ever. We can’t say too much but of course new music is already in the works, along with new covers and more shows!

Our site is called Talk Nerdy With Us. What kinds of things do you guys “nerd out” about.

Our guitarist Kevin is a pretty big gamer and technology enthusiast. He also has a pretty large collection of axe’s that would rival that of Slash’s collection. Our bassist Will is a pretty big facebook nerd, he is on his phone 99.9% of the time scrolling down his news feed, I think one day he might even work for facebook he is that obsessed haha. Josh is an occasional gamer and hardcore Justin Bieber nerd and AJ is like the least nerdiest guy you will ever meet, I don’t think he even knows what a computer is, jks jks.

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