Exclusive Interview at Walker Stalker Con with RJ Mitte

rjmitte_guest_lrgTalk Nerdy With Us had the pleasure of chatting with RJ Mitte at Atlanta’s Walker Stalker Con this past weekend. He’s best known for roles on Breaking Bad and Switched at Birth. Read our interview below as we talk about both shows, his Halloween plans and favorite comic books.

So did you do anything for Halloween?

Yes actually. I went to the party.

At Walker Stalker Con?

Yeah! I partied last night with Necrosis!

Phot Credit: RJ Mitte
Photo Credit: RJ Mitte

What did you dress up as?

I have a suit I really like that’s a white and black shirt and I painted my face. I painted half of it. Someone kept saying I looked like Two Face; Harvey Dent. I love that because I really feel like I do look like that. (Laughs). Like the comic book version. I think I could pull off a good Two Face. I think I’ve got the vibe.

Sorry… for the red bull. (Laughs). I’ve been traveling for seven months now. I travel about ten months out of the year.

Where have you been?

In the last month I have been to Australia, LA, Missouri, St. Louis, Canada, London, New York, and I a couple of others, but that was only in the last month!

How long do you get to be there?

I was in Australia for a week and a half. A lot of the times it’s just twenty-four hours or fifteen hours. I was in New York for three days. I was in London for two days. I was in Canada for one day. Usually it’s just like one day. One day here, then turn around. Most of my time goes in to travel. I have a lot of frequent flyer miles! (Laughs).

What do you miss most about being Walter White, Jr.?

I miss having a regular job. I miss having a nine to five job. And knowing that I get to go back to work with these amazing people. I miss having that job security and knowing that you’re going to go work with great people. Right now, I get to work and I get to see amazing things and be at amazing events. I get to go to Walker Stalker Con, and other conventions. I am enjoying my time, but I miss having a regular acting job. It was fun that I grew up on the show (Breaking Bad), but it was sad that the show had to end. Though we were lucky to have an ending.

After Breaking Bad you did Switched at Birth. And last season they started bring back some older characters. Any chance Campbell will make an appearance in season 5?

I have no idea. I really would love to though!  I would really love to come back as Campbell. I had a lot of fun! Katie (Leclerc) is amazing. She’s such a talent.

Campbell could shake up her love life a little bit more.

I think she needs it! I think Campbell needs to show up and show her how to actually have fun!”

Do you keep up with SAB? Do you continue to watch it?

I don’t, but I know Katie very well. I’ve known her for five years and I talk to her every once in a while. It’s a great show. I haven’t been able to find time to watch it. I’ve seen the first couple of seasons, but I haven’t watched season three or four.

Yesterday you mentioned that you wanted to audition for The Walking Dead, but it didn’t go so well because of portraying Walt Jr. Is there any other show(s) you really wanted to be on or want to be on?

Yeah, there’s a couple. I mean, I didn’t really audition. I kind of asked if I could audition and they’re like “No. You’re not allowed.”  (Laughs). There’s a few. Most the stuff I want to be on is now off the air. Sadly enough. I guess we’ll see what happens.

What show that’s off the air would you like to be on?

Wilfred would be the one. I liked Wilfred a lot. Have you seen Wilfred?

Yes, we binge watched it!

 It’s so sad. It was just a sad ending. I cried in the end of it. [Spoiler alert] I was like “Oh my god, he did kill himself.” That’s fucked up! It was so good! 

Gotham is a show I’d like to be a part of. The Walking Dead … Actually Fear the Walking Dead. Just working with a good group of people. It’s not necessarily the show I want to be a part of, it’s good people. They care about what they’re doing, they love what they’re doing and they’re having fun with it. That’s all I care about.

Do you keep up with the cast of Breaking Bad?

Yes and no.

Do you have more traveling after this?

I am. I have more traveling, but I’m going to get to go rest first! I’m going to warm water and sandy beaches. I’ll get to lay my butt down for a while … Rest my old bones. I’m young but my bones are old. Aging is not good. My interior is a little torn up. (Laughs). 

I’m in one place after another and I’m enjoying it. It’s been really good. We have a good group of people who come to these conventions and I’m always happy… The thing is, I’m always traveling so much. So, I do keep in contact with Breaking Bad, the Breaking Bad crew, but one of the main reasons why I’m always doing conventions is Giancarlo Esposito. I love seeing Giancarlo. He’s always a pleasure. He’s always well spoken and easy to talk to. Keeping in touch is definitely one of those things that’s hard because we are all over the place. But as long as we keep going and enjoy what we’re doing that’s all that matters.

What can you tell us about your upcoming movie Dixieland.

I can tell you it’s good! It’s a really cool film. It’s with Riley Keough, Faith Hill and Chris Zylka. I have a fairly big part in it, but I didn’t have a lot of shooting days, sadly enough. I really enjoyed it. It’s about a guy that wants to change his life. So he goes back to a small town, and tries to break out of that, but at the end of the day you can’t escape what you are.

Any other projects you’ve worked on recently?

I have one that’s on Netflix called House of Last Things. I have another one called Who’s Driving Doug that will be coming to Netflix. Dixieland will be on IFC and in a few theaters. I think there was a screening here a couple of weeks ago in Georgia. I’m in the middle of shooting a movie called Triumph. It’s about Olympic wrestling. I’ve been learning Olympic style wrestling for that, and I’m auditioning, auditioning, auditioning. 

Do you enjoy doing movies or TV more?

I enjoy whatever hires me. I like whatever pays the bills. (Laughs). That’s what keeps me going! I just like to work and again it goes back to the crew, and the cast and who they are. I like to have fun on set. I don’t like to be very uptight. I just don’t like people who are too uptight. I don’t deal with that well. I mean I handle it, but it’s not fun. I like to enjoy my time on set. I do love all of it. I love being part of the crew.

Our site is called Talk Nerdy With Us, so what kind of things do you Nerd out about?

I’m a video game guy. I also like anime and comic books.

Any good comic book you’ve read recently?

I haven’t read any comics in the last couple months since I’ve been working, but I’m an anti-hero guy. I like the Punisher series. I’m also a big horror and survival fan, so the whole Dead Space series is great and I’ve read a bunch of different anime. I watch a lot of  that too. Netflix has a ton of anime. I just put it on one and then I’ll scroll through them all. I watched the High School of the Dead series with my little sister.


Follow RJ on Twitter at @RjMitte.

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