Cast Your Vote for Homeowner – Ryan Curtis’ Entry at Storyhive

Storyhive is a site by Telus that is offering grants for creative talent from Alberta and BC, Canada. The initial round of voting is to choose the top 30 (15 from Alberta, 15 from BC), each winning project will get $10.000 funding. All winning projects will be premiered on Telus optic tv on demand.

After all 30 projects are aired there will be a second round of voting to determine the overall winner.  The first place project will an additional $20.000 scholarship to the Banff World Media Festival.  You can read more about Storyhive and Telus at and
Ryan Curtis (former VFX supervisor for Supernatural) asked SPNFamily member and writer from The Netherlands, Natalie Kruijen (@weirdowhowrites) to pitch some ideas to him, stories that she had written and that she’d like to see as a short film.  Natalie sent him some ideas and they narrowed them down to Homeowner.
Curtis and Natalie already have Briana Buckmaster signed to play the lead.  Kim Rhodes and Adam Rose will also be playing a role.
The voting ends November 9th at noon Pacific time and Homeowner is currently in the lead.  Curtis and Natalie could use everyone’s vote to ensure a win in the first round.  Please go to Storyhive and check out this ghost story with a twist.


The ghostly figure that Mary has seen haunting her new house doesn’t appear to be vengeful, or angry. In fact it doesn’t appear to be anything but sad, so Mary isn’t too concerned if it stays, she just goes about her life day by day all the while the ghost just sits there, waiting, … patiently. What Mary doesn’t know is, this isn’t the lost soul of some long forgotten Victorian, in fact it’s not the ghost of someone who is dead at all. The ghost is in fact herself, well an older version of herself. It’s Mary’s old age, laying in wait for the perfect moment that it can pounce and take over Mary’s body. With the big job promotion, hefty mortgage and thinking about things such as retirement plans, that moment to pounce might come sooner than Mary expected.

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