Book Review: Rebel in High Heels by Charlotte Laws

Rebel in High Heels by Charlotte Laws is a well written, thought-provoking memoir that embraces the beauty of nonconformity. Laws reflects on her life  in a raw narrative that challenges the stifling aspects of her Atlanta upbringing. In doing so, she presents the reader with an invaluable gift: to acknowledge our uniqueness and to recognize the strength within ourselves to confront the world around us. Laws notes the importance of the four Cs- character, creativity, courage and confidence- in framing the core of our being.

Laws’ writing style is refreshing. She welcomes the reader by crafting her book in an arguably unconventional fashion. While many memoirs choose a chronological approach pinpointing life events, the outset of Rebel in High Heels focuses on Laws’ painful yet fierce fight against Hunter Moore, the self-proclaimed kingpin of “Revenge Porn.” Laws defines “Revenge Porn” as “the online distribution of nude and topless photos without consent in an effort to humiliate victims, mostly female.” When her daughter became trapped in the Revenge Porn web, Laws writes “Revenge Porn was a pack of wolves. It was tearing our family apart.” Yet, rather than allowing Revenge Porn to destroy their lives, Laws fought long and hard on behalf of her child and similarly situated victims.

Next, her memoir highlights her Atlanta upbringing. An adopted child, Laws is brutally honest in writing about her often painful relationships with her father, mother and brother. There was a disconnect with her family. Perhaps this disconnect was instrumental in shaping her nonconformist behavior. Laws doesn’t subscribe to the mores of her upper class Atlanta lifestyle.

An interesting thing the reader will discover in this book is that Laws is a beautiful contradiction. As Charlotte, she is a fierce and determined champion in the fight against Revenge Porn. But as “Missy” she is often insecure about her looks and intelligence seeking to mine her “smart talent” to enable her to meet famous people and create a career as a “chip chatter.”

A riveting aspect of this memoir is Laws’ ongoing relationship with singing icon Tom Jones. Laws is marvelously creative in devising ways to meet Jones. This relationship is energizing but bittersweet for Laws.

Another important relationship for Laws is the one she shares with Sharon. Sharon is the touchstone threaded throughout the narrative. As Sharon bonds with Laws, she becomes, in a very real sense, the voice of the reader asking those questions we want answered. In addition, there is a surprising twist regarding Sharon that I will not spoil.

I thoroughly enjoyed Rebel in High Heels. This book is an amazing must read. In learning about Charlotte Laws’ life, readers may also discover they will learn about themselves in the process.

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