Album Review: Mandy Rowden’s “These Bad Habits”

“Some people never win, they were only born to lose.”  These are some of the lyrics from the track “These Bad Habits” from the LP of the same name.  But with These Bad Habits, singer and songwriter Mandy Rowden has an album that is a musical winner to the listener.

As a classic rock and country fan, I was enthralled by Rowden’s range and sound. In her songs, you’ll find a mixture of various musical styles: rock, country and folk.  Her haunting sound stirs emotion and passion.  As you’re listening to songs such as “Kansas City”, “Am I Ever” and “Borrowed Time”, a feeling of wonder and nostalgia washes over.  In these tunes, you’re encouraged that anything is possible through faith, belief and hope.  What Mandy Rowden does best in her songs is reach out to the listener.  You get the sense that she’s speaking to you through her lyrics, with the guitar and other musical instruments joining in on the conversation.

Mandy Rowden displays a talent that is rare.  Although her songs include themes that fit with modern times, they are also old-timey as well.  I felt a Loretta Lynn, Joan Jett vibe coming from them.  They provide comfort and happiness.

Rowden is a multi-skilled performer who collaborates with the likes of Lloyd Maines, Redd Volkaert, Brad Rice and Chip Dolan.  The East Texas Native writes powerfully strong songs, showing a skill that leaves a person awestruck.

These Bad Habits 11-track LP offers something for everyone.



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