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Fandom Speaks: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Hits the Big-Time

How do you know when a show has really “made it”? Especially on a channel like The CW that caters to genre shows designed to create passionate fandoms?

There are two major milestones:

  1. The show has created a pairing that is deemed by viewers to be an “OTP.”
  2. There is fan fiction being written about the show.

Those in the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fandom should be proud of themselves. They’ve officially accomplished both of these feats with the proof of it showing up all over Tumblr.

For anyone asking themselves what an “OTP” is, it stands for One True Pairing. It’s essentially fandom-speak for “made for each other” or “soul mates.”

So, who is the OTP in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?

The pairing is being called GregBecca. In other words, Rachel Bloom’s character and Santino Fontana’s character. The Harvard graduate crazy ex-girlfriend herself and the local bartender.

Seem unlikely? Then you haven’t been watching this fascinatingly quirky show.  Check it out HERE and you’ll understand!

And once you’ve checked out and maybe even caught up on the show, take a look at the fandom’s very first fan fiction story that, incidentally, showcases Gregbecca and their OTPdom.

Here by Diaphenia


Written by Erica Schaaf

Erica is a former social worker and mother of three who has been writing since she was a child. She currently writes fanfiction for the Veronica Mars and The 100 fandoms and is published on Kindle Worlds as well as and She hopes to one day have the chance to be a fly on the wall on set of her fave shows while filming!

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