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Music Review: Sleeptalk

“Young” is a five track EP, a follow-up to their first EP, “Pure.” The EPs are planned as a trilogy. Sleeptalk is known as a “space rock quintet”. The band is comprised of former members of the pop-punk band Like Giants, who broke away to experiment with a different sound. The result is a blend of the mellow rock of Angels and Airwaves, Lifehouse, and a touch of U2.

The band is made up of Anthony Fitzpatrick, vocals; Jason Fitzpatrick, guitar; Justin Melchor, guitar, Paul McGill, bass, and Jacques Harmandjian on drums.

The EP starts with “Phenomenon” – a melodic, uplifting rocker. There’s almost an 80’s feel to the sound, very close to what the Smiths achieved. Song 2, “Young” has strong guitar riffs that sound distantly U2. The tag line is “we’re just dying to stay alive” and seems to be talking about what it’s like to be young and in love – and addicted. “Bones” has a very strong back beat, and is a song of regret. “Drowned Out” comes back with a stronger, more positive message, “every little thing will be okay” and is one of the pop-peppier songs on the EP. The last song is “Drift Away”, a song of both atonement and reassurance.

The mood of the EP is plaintive, atmospheric, and reflective. This young band is off to a promising start with their two EPS, “Young” being especially strong both musically and lyrically. “Young” is also a great EP to listen to when you get hit with a case of the blues.

Written by Arlene Allen

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