Will The Vampire Diaries Survive the Loss of Elena?

When Nina Dobrev decided to leave The Vampire Diaries after last season, Tumblr collectively lost their shit. There were predictions that the show wouldn’t last without her and vows of never watching again.

So after the season premiere minus its former main character, is the sentiment of the fandom still the same? Will The Vampire Diaries flounder or have the writers found a way to breathe new life into the show that is now in its seventh season?

Surprisingly, the majority of Tumblr posts are incredibly positive about the new feel of the show and the way that it’s moving forward after Elena’s exit. Most didn’t appreciate the negativity of several characters toward Bonnie, but there were squees of joy at Damon’s declaration to Bonnie that she is his best friend and he would lose his mind without her…after he took three seconds to consider whether he would save her life or not.

Interestingly, fans are divided on Steroline. Some are holding out for Klaroline and think that Stefan and Caroline should just be best friends like Damon and Bonnie. Others are melting into puddles or squealing incoherently.

Then there are those who love the main characters, don’t particularly care about the ships, and would very much like to see Damon, Bonnie, Stefan, and Caroline pack up and head to New Orleans where they could join The Originals.

The question is, do those fans not on Tumblr agree with those who are? Has a breath of fresh air come sweeping through Mystic Falls or should our heroes and anti-heroes take a cue from the rest of the town’s residents and pull out of Mystic Falls for good?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and tune in next week for more reactions to the new season!

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