Will Arrow’s Thea Queen Go Over To The Dark Side?

Evil isn’t born, it’s made.

That’s an opinion some people may disagree with.  Do we all have an evil streak inside of us just waiting to come out?

In the case of Arrow’s Thea Queen, I would say no. The sister of Oliver Queen was the classic poor little rich girl. When the brother she adored and the man she believed to be her father were presumed dead, Thea sought comfort in drugs. But she was in no way a bad or evil person, just a young girl who had lost her way.

Oliver returned from the dead five years later to find his little sister was not the same girl he left.

Thea received the shock of her life when she learned her real father was Malcolm Merlyn. The hits kept coming when her mother, Moira was brutally killed in front of her by one of Oliver’s enemies.

These events hardened her heart. Thea was determined not to ever be the victim again. Training with Malcom enabled her to fight back but it also put her on the radar of her father’s enemies.

After dying and being brought back to life due to the mysterious waters in Nanda Parbat, Thea appears to be different.  She is now part of “Team Green Arrow” fighting as scarlet clad Speedy.   Her fighting style is now more violent, she seems quicker to inflict pain to get answers.

 Arrow has an underlying theme of doing good but the heroes on the show have all committed questionable actions in their attempt.  Lead character, Oliver Queen is constantly wondering that he has done more wrong than right.  He doesn’t want his sister to turn into something she can’t come back from.

Will Thea cross the line and fully give into the murderous urges?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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