What If iZombie’s Liv Had Brain Overload?


downloadiZombie’s Liv Moore uses her zombie affliction curse for good. She’s an assistant to medical examiner Ravi where she’s able to get the brains she needs to sustain her undead life.  By consuming the brains of murder victims, she’s also able to get a glimpse into their life, which ultimately leads her to the killer.  Additionally, she develops their personality, further aiding in her crime solving endeavors.

This is a clever way to look into the mind of the murder victim.  But what would happen if the week’s case were several cases? If more than one murder victim ended up in the morgue at the same time?  It is not illogical that this could happen. Seattle is a big city, multiple murders can take place.

Let’s take a look at this with the following episode scenario:

Several women are murdered not far from each other.  There appears to be no connection between them. Also, they are killed in different ways.

Liv decides the quickest way to solve the murders is by making multiple brain stew, complete with carrots, potatoes and hot sauce added for taste.  Almost immediately, she has multiple personalities disorder.

For fans of iZombie, seeing the talented Rose McIver playing several characters in one episode would be a viewer’s dream come true.

However, would this challenge put the writers in a corner they couldn’t come out from? Would this storyline require a two-part episode? Better yet, would Liv survive this brain overload without losing her mind?

It is doubtful we’ll ever see an episode like this, but it would be interesting to see it played out on the screen.


iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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