Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey Talks Season 5B at NYCC

Filming for Teen Wolf Season 5B is currently underway, and cast member Tyler Posey had a lot to talk about at this year’s New York Comic Con. He’s a little puppy so it may seem like he bounces around a bit, but his passion for the show really shines through everything he says. He shared with us what we can expect from the upcoming season and gave a little tease for Season 6.


Where do we start with Season 5B?

“It’s a couple hours after we wrapped up Season 5A. So first and foremost, Scott has to compose himself. He needs to figure out what the hell his next plan of action is. He’s got to look at himself deep and long in the mirror and look at his eyes and really break down what just happened and what his next move is. We have to rekindle a lot of relationships. Scott’s got to get the pack back together, which is his priority. This means rekindling friendships and talking things out, which is great because we didn’t get a chance to do that with Scott and Stiles. Hopefully they get to talk it out and make amends, but in the trailer we saw Stiles throw Scott on the ground. (Laughs).”

Was that really you, or was it a stunt double?

“There was a stunt double at one point but it was us.”

You said during the panel that you injured your kidney, how did that happen?

 “Something hurt really bad. We were doing the stunt and everything was fine. Everyone was like, ‘Damn Tyler, you’re really throwing yourself into that wall!’ I was like ‘Yeah it doesn’t hurt, it’s fine.’ Then I was sitting down a couple of hours later and I went to get up but I couldn’t. I was like ‘Oh my God!’ So then I finally stood up and whatever was right here hurt really bad.

I don’t know if it was a kidney, sometimes it’s still a little sore, this was a little over a month ago now. But I’m good, I’m fine. I think I just bruised myself.” 

Jeff Davis interrupts: “I just told everyone you are going to be directing an episode.”

Posey: “YOU DID? Are we allowed to say that?”

Jeff: “I’m the f***ing boss!”

Posey: “You heard it first, that’s awesome Jeff I can’t believe that! I love you! Yeah this has been ongoing and in discussion for quite some time. AWWWWH I’M SO EXCITED!” 

Is this the first that you’re hearing about it?

“Not the first that I’m hearing about it. I’ve known about this for a long time. This is the first time, this is huge news, this is the first time that I’m going to be directing an episode next season, season 6.”

 Are you still producing?

“Yeah absolutely! I’m going to keep building things up the ladder and building my career. I’m directing my own stuff soon, producing, writing. I want to actually film and edit. I want to do everything. I want to do it all and have complete control over things.”

 Did you always want to do that?

“When I was a kid I used to make videos all the time with my brother and my friends. We used to make little videos and I would edit them and put my own music in them. I never realized it was a dream of mine until just recently. I just kind of always did it, but I didn’t realize it was an actual ambition of mine. I really want to do that and I think I have a good eye.

THANK YOU JEFF I LOVE YOU! This is huge news! Yeah, I’m going to be directing an episode in season 6. You should have seen us last night, no cameras around it was the mushiest love fest ever. What did you ask? Somebody asked me something before we were interrupted. Were we taking about my kidney? Yeah, but this is great I’m going to be directing an episode and I’m still producing.”

 Are you going to write an episode eventually?

“Yeah! I have some really cool ideas and I would love to tell you, but I can’t because we will hopefully use them down the line. I have a great idea to open up this next season. It was originally for season 5, but we had other ideas for that so I couldn’t do it.”

 Do you have any challenging shots during filming this season?

“Everyday is challenging! The stuff that we do is different. Sometimes challenging can be really action packed and choreographed but also challenging can be sitting around a table with four people for five hours saying lines and lines and lines and lines. That is also a challenge. We just did that recently. We had a scene where it was basically me and Stiles reiterating a plan to the rest of the pack. So we are basically, this is what we are doing and we had this whole plan of action and it was very wordy. It was five scenes put together and it was like four minutes together and we were talking the entire time, it was a lot of words to remember.

Dylan and I are the most professional people on set, we NEVER EVER forget our lines. We had it down but there were moments where it was just so wordy and our show is very specific, if you mess up a word, you have to do it again. If one word is out-of-place, we have to do it again and get it verbatim, it’s really difficult.

At one point I could not get this line right and I was saying it and messing up and at one point I was just like ‘F**K! Alright I’m ready!’ I screamed it and I felt better and I don’t know how, where was I going with that story? It was a challenge! That scene was challenging, there were some stunt scenes that were a little challenging, but I have not fainted yet.

Stunt scenes are cool because they are repetitive, so the first couple takes are really fun. I love doing stunts. I love getting hurt a little bit and throwing myself around. By the time the fourth take happens, my hip starts to get really bruised and then you have to keep doing it over and over again. That becomes challenging, there’s just a lot of different challenges on the show.”

Scott has been a very forgiving character, how long will it take to forgive Stiles?

“Well there’s no forgiving, Stiles didn’t do anything wrong really. Of course Scott doesn’t want him to kill somebody, but he understands the difference between self-defense and not self-defense. He doesn’t have to forgive Stiles for anything, but they do need to talk. There’s some stuff that they need to talk about. The biggest forgiving that Scott needs to do is Liam. He tried to murder him. It’s Liam and Scott who need to forgive each other.

Scott is a really smart person. He knows the difference between self-defense and not, but he just didn’t know the full story. Scott’s really got to forgive Liam. He’s really got to dig deep down inside and say ‘Why the hell should I be nice to you? You tried to kill me!’ We’ll see what happens.”

 If you can be nice to Peter, you can be nice to Liam.

 “Exactly! I agree!”

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