Supernatural Season 11 premiere: Will the Darkness Shed Light on the Winchesters’ Mission in Season 11

Supernatural-season-11-episode-1-airs-tonightThis article contains spoilers about the Supernatural season 11 premiere Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

Supernatural began its much-anticipated season 11 where season 10 left off: Sam and Dean Winchester embroiled in The Darkness. With thrilling special effects, viewers were able to see the newest threat to capture the brothers.

But what exactly is The Darkness? And what threat will The Darkness inflict upon the world?

As the season premiere Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire demonstrated, the Supernatural writers were certainly effective in whetting viewers’ appetites for the answers to these and other lingering questions.

With an ingenious storytelling technique of shifting perspectives between the brothers, viewers immediately see that The Darkness separated the Winchesters. Sam is left in the Impala while Dean comes face to face with The Darkness, seemingly manifested as a beautiful woman. This Darkness, if she is to be believed, appears less menacing and more grateful that Dean freed her. Further, she claims to have no knowledge about Death. But perhaps the most intriguing revelation she makes to the eldest Winchester is this: Their destinies are linked.

Dean Winchester and The Darkness, an ominous coupling.

Could this mean that the once short-lived Demon Dean will make an encore appearance to unleash his own brand of evil upon the world? Does it mean that a non demon Dean will unite with The Darkness? At this point, we don’t know but the possibilities are endless.

Meanwhile, where does Sam fit into this equation. Dean wasn’t forthcoming with Sam about what The Darkness told him. The Winchesters and secrets are not a good mixture as the past has proven. Dean keeping this secret from Sam could have tragic, far-reaching consequences.

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  1. If dean and the darkness are connected what about Dean and the baby? How do you think the baby will play into all of this?

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