Sleepy Hollow: Fighting More Than Cavities


Spoiler Alert:  This article contains information from the episode “The Sisters Mills” which may not have aired yet in some regions.

Sleepy Hollow focused their efforts on a standard monster of the week episode as The Witnesses battled a foe that targeted children for the most powerful thing they possessed, their life force.

In the episode titled “The Sisters Mills”, an Abyzou, better known as the Tooth Fairy, was not the Tinkerbell-ish looking entity we remember from our childhood.  In Sleepy Hollow’s version, this Tooth Fairy was a scary looking twisty, bendy thing that walked with it’s head almost at ground level.  If seeing this Tooth Fairy is what could be expected from losing a tooth, it should be worth more than getting a quarter!

The special effects team on Sleepy Hollow really outdid themselves, Abyzou was absolutely terrifying, adding to the heighten danger of the situation.

The other great thing about this episode was the pairings viewers got to see.  Joe Corbin, who usually spends his time with Jenny Mills, shared a nice scene with Ichabod Crane.  These two characters were perfect together with Joe’s wit balancing Ichabod’s dry humor.  Tom Mison and Zach Appleman’s buddy chemistry will assuredly warrant some shipping.  Here’s hoping these two get to work together on future cases.

The Mills Sisters, Abbie and Jenny, are always a delight to watch when they work together.  Their pairing is similar to that of another evil sibling fighting duo, Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural.  The baggage they carry from their untraditional childhoods  doesn’t diminish their deep abiding love for each other or their ability to put all that aside to save lives.

Although Abyzou was only visible to children, “Team Witness” triumphed with their teamwork and the use of silver.

Pandora and Betsy Ross’ appearances in the episode were brief. Pandora shared a menacing scene with Abbie but Betsy Ross was no more than a flashback window dressing.

Sleepy Hollow’s “The Sisters Mills” was a well written, fast paced hour and a perfect stand alone episode.

Sleepy Hollow airs Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX.


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