Ship Wars: Jemma Simmons

Over the past couple seasons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans have speculated and wished for several different relationships for cute genius Jemma Simmons. While there have been some sparks along the way, she has remained mostly single, much to the disappointment of many fans. In this week’s episode “4,722 Hours” the writers have seemed to set up two possible ships for Simmons. So, fans, who do you ship?

Is it fan favorite from the beginning, Fitz and Simmons? They’re best friends who don’t know how to live life without the other. They have risked their lives to save the other one, fought diligently to bring each other back, and are all around adorable with their British accents and nerdiness. Fitz has even professed his love and on the foreign planet it was Simmons’ thoughts of Fitz that brought her hope.

OR Are you shipping new guy Will who helped her survive on the unknown planet? After 14 years alone, Simmons is not only Will’s first human interaction, but also his hope. It is in each other that they found joy in such a hopeless place and in their suffering began a relationship that was as domestic as one can be on a terrifying planet.

Time to tell us what you think! Vote for which ship you want to see!

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