Review of Little Boy Lost By Erica Schaaf

“He released a short and bitter laugh. Veronica Mars. Friend. Nemesis. Ally. Girlfriend.”

With these words, Erica Schaaf has written a telling and riveting plot centered around the characters of the television show Veronica Mars.

First, I admit that I wasn’t one of the fans who mourned the cancellation of Veronica Mars. In fact, I’ve never seen the show. Still, I’ve heard the praise for Veronica Mars bandied about over the years by several friends.

Second, while some people are deterred about reading a story based on a television show they have never seen, I am not. I approach fan fiction in the same vein as I approach an original novel. Each story becomes an invitation by the writer to partake on their creative journey.

Little Boy Lost is a very enjoyable journey. Schaaf is skilled at using words to delve into character psychology. Logan Echolls leaps from the page. The reader understands his fractured psyche arising from his dysfunctional upbringing. His money has the burden of erecting a wall between him and his peers.  Rather than allowing others to really know him, Logan escapes behind the facade of the self-loathing and self-destructive rich boy. Thus, the choices that he makes embroil him and those around him in dangerous circumstances. Yet, Logan loves Veronica and has unrelenting faith in her to help him in his time of need.

Schaaf does an excellent job in fleshing out Logan’s personality. His charisma, humor and vulnerability is highlighted in the story. I suspect that Veronica fans would be thrilled by Schaaf’s stellar efforts.

However, a major downside for me was the profanity laced throughout the book. Not sure why from a writing standpoint Schaaf felt that the excessive profanity was necessary. Her character development and plot were strong. Perhaps the profanity will be acceptable to most readers. For me, it was a major detraction.

Overall, Schaaf has created a pulsating mystery, a page turner with powerful suspense hooks to keep the reader interested and invested.

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