Review of Debut Album The News Today by Carry Hatchet


Christopher Larkin, the actor who’s best known for his role as Monty Green on the CW series The 100, has expanded into the realm of sound with his debut album The News Today, which he released under the moniker Carry Hatchet.

The News Today is quite the solid first release for an acoustic musician. It contains soothing vocals, rich fingerpicking styles, and smooth harmonies reminiscent of Damien Rice, Jose Gonzalez, and Iron & Wine.

The record begins with the track “Mother/Mother,” a short ode to what we’ve been taught and the freedom we obtain with age to take it or leave it. It may be the shortest track , but it does a good job introducing themes that are prevalent throughout the record of openness and wisdom during the tribulations of life.

Other tracks, such as “On the Mend” and “Things I Never Said,” focus on ideas such as processing hurt, support systems and not feeling any better but knowing it’ll be okay anyway. Larkin drives his point home through rhythmic guitar, melodic plucking, and lyrics like “I’m on your side, you’ll make it out alive.”

My favorite track off the record’s a tie between “Things I Never Said” and “Gunshot.” Both contain a more advanced fingerstyle guitar playing which adds a unique percussive element to his sound. We’ve got some whistling, some slide, and a rhythmic tap-tapping on the hollow body of the acoustic guitar, all of which brings it to life. Both songs also include the graceful vocals of Julia Best, who’s voice accompanies Larkin’s on several songs on the release.

Check out Carry Hatchet’s The News Today over on Bandcamp; for more news head over to Christopher Larkin’s official website.


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