Review: Like Moths to Flames, The Dying Things We Live For

This metalcore band was formed in Columbus, Ohio in early 2010 by vocalist Chris Roetter.  They released their first single “Dead Routine” in February that year to positive reviews.  They have since recorded a 7”, an EP, and the album When We Don’t Exist and then took to the road in support of the album through 2011.

Like Moths to Flames have had numerous personnel changes over the last couple of years and their current line-up includes Roetter on vocals, Eli Ford on lead guitar, Aaron Evans on bass and providing backing vocals, Greg Diamond on drums and Jeremy Smith on rhythm guitar.  The Dying Things We Live For, their latest album drops on October 23.

This album is well produced and the band members all excel in their respective roles.  Like most of the metalcore genre, the songs come on like a freight train that’s running out of control taking you along for the ride while leaving your hair behind!  The rhythm section weaves pounding bass notes through a background wall of percussion that anchors all of the tracks.  The guitars provide the melody for the songs, but you have to search for it among the layers of percussive sound.

Roetter’s vocals are harsh, that is the vocal style most prevalent in metalcore, but Roetter’s are even rougher than most.  It is very difficult to understand many of the lyrics through his shouting.  The backing vocals and vocal bridges contrast the angry shouting with almost pretty, flowing and melodic lyrics.  This contrast that works for other bands gets lost here since so many of the lyrics are unintelligible.

Like other bands classified as metalcore, it is difficult to listen to the album straight through because each of the tracks is almost undifferentiated from the others.  It is like you are listing to a 45 minute song that doesn’t change tempo or key. That said, if you love metalcore, this is technically a brilliant album that merits a listen.

The Dying Things We Live For is produced by Rise Records and will be available on Amazon and iTunes starting October 23.


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