Kevin From Work Fall Finale Sneak Peek

KEVIN FROM WORK - "Team Kevin From Work" - In "Team Kevin From Work," airing at 8:30 PM ET/PT, Kevin hears there may be trouble in Audrey and Brock's relationship and decides to stop being a nice guy and tries to further their rift. When Brian and Roxie see Kevin's new determination, they form "Team Kevin" to help him get his dream girl. Meanwhile, Patti's dad declares it's time for her to get a job, so she teams up with Ricky to find her calling. (ABC Family/Adam Rose) NOAH REID, MATT MURRAY, JORDAN HINSON

Kevin From Work airs its fall finale on October 7 with two back-to-back episodes beginning a half hour earlier at 8/7c.

In the first episode titled “Escape From Work”, viewers will be treated to a black and white dream sequence that pays homage to many old movies.  Kevin, who was recently hurt, has a classic movie dream involving Audrey.  In other news, Brian isn’t happy when Roxie recruits a good-looking male nurse to look after Kevin.  Brian is obviously jealous! Also, Audrey has to make a decision whether to tell Patti that her controlling personality is offensive when Patti decides to accompany Audrey and Brock on their dates.

In the second episode of the hour entitled “Team Kevin From Work”, Kevin develops  new founded courage to win Audrey over. When he hears of trouble in the Brock/Audrey relationship.  Kevin gains the support of Brian and Roxie in his endeavors. Thus, ‘Team Kevin’ is born to guarantee Kevin wins the best boyfriend competition.  Meanwhile, Patti’s dad is tired of her drifting attitude towards employment and tells her she must find a job.  So what does Patti do?  She enlists Ricky’s help to find out.



The Kevin From Work season finale airs tomorrow at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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